Open House + smoker

would_be_gardenerJune 12, 2010

HELP! Having my first open house tomorrow and unfortunately have a smoker in the house! What to do to remove residual odor??? Short of kicking the smoker out! Do the sprays work?

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Leave all windows open - it's too late to do much else I think. Leave bowls of vinegar around overnight though - pretty effective.

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Burn the "smokers" or "odor eliminator" candles before hand. I've even seen them @ Wallyworld.

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While your house is listed, tell everyone no smoking inside. A lot of people will walk right out if they smell nicotine.

You're going to need to clean the room out that's being smoked in, I used to wipe down with Mr Clean, wash the glass, I also bought a carpet shampooer. Wash the molding as well. I doubt this will help for tomorrow but hopefully it will help you get the house sold.

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The sprays and candles do not work. it's a cover-up that doesn't fool the non-smoker who is sensitive to tobacco smoke. I have walked into hotel rooms that were supposedly cleaned by 'envoronmental specialists' and walked right back out again because the smell was still there.

The only way to get rid of the stench is to replace carpeting, scrub floors, and scrub all hard surfaces. Then repaint.

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I forgot to also mention you should wash down the furniture in that room as well.

We haven't smoked in our new home but hubby swears I smoke in the office which has furniture from the one room we used to smoke in.

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Windex and soap are your best friends on hard surfaces. Laundering on fabrics. I mean EVERYTHING from ceiling to blinds and screens.....then ventilation. If you have upholstered fabrics, carpeting, or airconditioning, it's not that simple.

I have used enamel on all painted surfaces, including the ceiling, because I a smoker. I do not own air conditioning and live most of the year with open windows and ceiling fans. I have had people visiting I've known for years and they had no clue I smoke and were dumbfounded when I told them. It can be done, but it's not an 'overnight' job.

Sprays just mask it. Look in your bucket after washing the walls. Smell your screens. It has to be removed and often.

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Three months before we went on the market I told DH no more smoking in the house. He wasn't happy, but I said I was not painting and cleaning for the house to stink like cigarettes and affect a sale!
He stepped outside for his butts after that, not happy, but we sold!
Kathy G in MI

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For my family a smoker in the house would be a deal breaker. Not so much the smell, though that is a factor, but the allergens which would cause asthma attacks for my wife and son. Be prepared that you may lose some potential buyers for the smoke residue.

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Tiffany Altieri

Is it common to ask the sellers if there are smokers that reside in the house? Just curious, cause I'd want to know. I am assuming this does not have to be disclosed so you can ask, but you may or may not get the truth, right?

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I'm not sure I understand your question vestirse, you're going to know by being in the house. if you don't know by being in the house, then it really is a non-issue right?

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"...if you don't know by being in the house, then it really is a non-issue right?..."

Cigarettes are much more toxic for some people than others. If someone did a really good job scrubbing their house down I might not detect cigarettes if I was only there for a short period (unlikely, but possible). However, if I spent several hours in the house I would have a headache, sore throat, and general chemical sensitivity issues. I know I have this issue, so I would require a written disclosure.

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