She's an enabler.....

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLJune 11, 2012

..and a very fun person. Lois and I met today at Lands End Outlet where I found some fleece remnants that were usable for what I wanted. Then 'she' kept finding more....I would roll my eyes and in the basket it would go! I would say I'm really done in this aisle....but apparently not. Spent some money there....for sure! What did she buy? A little bit of muslin!!! Then on to the next shop.....Blue Bamboo. A person could really go wild in there.....and I did, but I found quite a few things that will cozy in with my other fabric once I get home. I bought a 2 lb bag of batik remnants for $29.99. I was a bit apprehensive about it, but their batik was in the $9.50 to $11.99 range. When I got back to my sisters and spread it all out, there are at least 7 yards!! And quite a few of them are good size pieces, too.

Lois was so much fun and comfortable to be with that we clicked immediately! Of course, it might have helped that we're both yakkers! Thank you, Lois, for a lovely day. I shopped till I literally dropped, right into a chair! lol


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Some of my best friends are enablers...

Sounds like you two had a great time!


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Isn't it soo much fun to meet more of 'us'?! Sounds like you had a grand time!

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What a fun day! Glad you got to meet. You're in MN, right? Funny, my Sis IL in Blaine never told me that Lands End sells fabric! LOL


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I'm jealous! You got to meet another forum friend and you got great bargains!
I've looked at Blue bamboo online - the fabric looks very pretty!
Glad you gals had a wonderful time!

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Donna, Sharon meant Mill End Textiles. We had a great time. I'd never been there, but Sharon's sister Roxy is a seamstress, and she knew about Mill End. Sharon knows exactly what she wants for certain projects, and she found some great fabric. I'm still in the "find a pattern, find the fabric" stage, so I just looked for the most part since I've got three quilts in the wings already.

Sharon was just as fun and friendly as her posts would lead you to believe. And we both do love to yak, so we got along well. I'm sorry that coming to the retreat is out of the question this year, but maybe once I'm retired, I can do that too. Thank you, Sharon, for being willing to meet me.

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Oh my word! I have no idea where Land's End came from!!! I am so sorry. Good thing Lois is still watching my back!!!

Lois, Meeting you was my pleasure!!! hugs....


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I have a soft spot in my heart for my quilty friend enablers!!

Sounds like you had a great time! AND found some great deals.

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I did call her Rosa a couple of times. lol


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