White fantasy (super white) granite

tvjazzApril 26, 2010

I have chosen white fantasy for my kitchen and wanted to know if anyone else had it and could speak to its durability, in regards to chipping, staining etc. I ask because although it's a granite, the supplier and fabricator consider it a marble because it is so fragile. I even have to sign a discalimer about it!

I chose it because my husband didn't want carrara marble. I love it and could live with the etching and he could not. I really like the white fantasy as a substitue, but if its just like the carrara then I should just get what I want to begin with!!

We are limited because this supplier is who our builder uses and we are on a time crunch to pick it out as well.

Anyone who has had experience with it, please let me know!!

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I think this is gorgeous! However, I wanted Rainforest Green marble in my kitchen and DH wouldn't agree to it because the KD told me that it would etch easily and also that rolling dough on it, for example, would eventually cause a slope in the contour. So if this is really like a marble I think you should make sure you can live with not only the etching but the other consequences of it being so soft.

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No issues here with Super White after about a year. The only problem area is where the counter top was scratched when the backsplash was installed. They had to polish the scratches onsite and it's a bit dull after several attempts. No one notices but me and I notice daily...

This granite hides crumbs surprisingly well. This can be good or bad depending on your cleaning mood at the time :-) I have to get eye level to make sure I didn't miss anything.

Sorry these pics are so dark.

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Wow! Is there a little green in the veining? It's beautiful, as is what little I can see of the rest of your kitchen. Modernaire hood? Show us some more, please.

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Ohhh, is that just too pretty!!!

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Oh Graciemay I cant tell you how happy it makes me to see your photos and hear that! It looks SO gorgeous and is exactly what I am envisioning!

How often do you seal it?

So no etching, staining etc either?? I am getting a sample to play around with and Im not even sure that would change my mind! Your kitchen is beautiful.

I am doing espresso colored cabinets and I think the combo will be perfect! Thanks for posting!!!

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How timely I donÂt pop into the kitchen forum much anymore. My kitchen has been done for a couple of years now but I still like to lurk every once in a while. I have 144 sf of White Fantasy and as I have said before I could light a bone fire on it and put it out with vinegar and it would look just as good as the day it was installed. It was sealed by the fabricator but I was told I would never have to seal it again. White Fantasy is quartzite and is harder than granite my fabricator thought it was like marble until he went to cut it. It doesnÂt show anything not crumbs, dust, finger prints you really do have to look sideways to see if itÂs clean. Enjoy your new kitchen you will love your White Fantasy.

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Wow graciemay! That is a stunning countertop! In fact, I love your whole kitchen. The combination of rich dark wood, white/gray quartzite and the stainless is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

partst: Would you mind sharing pictures?

Really great to hear that it is a durable surface.

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tvjazz, so far no etching or staining. Lemon etched the sample piece but nothing we tested stained (marinara, wine, cranberry juice, etc.). It will be beautiful with your espresso cabinets. Good luck!

want2bsure, there are no green tones just variations of gray and white. We were also considering Crystal Pearl/Mother of Pearl quartzite which has more of a green tone. Here is a side by side comparison of the Crystal Pearl on the left and Super White on the right:

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tvjazz did you end up going with white fantasy/ super white granite. if you did, are you happy with it? What finish-polished,honed, leathered? Does it etch? stain? pictures? partst if you still pop in, can you post pictures as well? graciemay, are you still happy with yours

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white fantasy counter tops is this granite or marble?
Would you suggest this color ? Does this stain or scratch ?

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Trying to find White Fantasy in chicagoland. Any hints as to who has it in stock.

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White Fantasy is not a true Quartizite. it is a mix of marble and quartizite.

If you want a the best white granite you should go with Alpinus:

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