RECIPE: Garlic dill pickle recipe

eileenlaunonenMay 19, 2008

20 garlic cloves whacked with the side of a knife, 14 kirby's cleaned and dried,large bunch fresh dill,10 oz pickeling spice,1 3/4 cup kosher salt,2 1/2 cup White Vinegar,6 pieces Rye bread....In a cleaned crock pot layer half of the ingredients then 7 of the pickeles go on top now add the rest of the ingreients and add the other 7 pickles cover with the Salt vinegar fill the rest of the crock pot with water then cover with the rye bread put crock pot top on and wrap with celophane...keep in pot 2-3 weeks only open if you have to skim off brown scum if it appears making sure not to disturb the pickles.

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Thank you so much Eileen. I am guessing that this is not refrigerated...right? I have no clue about pickling, but am anxious to try these.

Hey, I never baked bread before trying the Artisan bread from this forum..who knows what I might pickle next???

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Yes I just leave it out on a counter top but be warned if your family is like mine as soon as they are ready 3 days later not a one is left!

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Sorry if I'm the only one who doesn't know -- what are "kirbys"? Are they small cukes? Do you use seeded or seedless rye bread? Can't wait to try these!

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I think there baby cukes and i do use seeded rye. thanks

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Is the above mentioned recipe the one posted on May 25? My mom and dad have fond memories of their grandmothers making pickles on the farm in an old 5 lb.crock. We recently got one for Mom and she would love to make them. Could you please post the recipe? Thanks!

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My recipe is right above thats the only one I have and them come out delicious.

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New crocks are generally lead-free, but if you bought an antique crock be careful. The glaze can contain lead and the salt and acids in fermentation leach it out.


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Good tip,mine is new but thats a good point! Thanks Eileen

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