New sewing tables

grammypJune 3, 2013

DH finished my sewing tables and we started rearranging the room this weekend. Here are my new tables. There is a long one against the wall and a smaller one for a cutting table. Next he is going to make a base for my big ironing board.

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Those are gorgeous. Do you rent Tim out?


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He does really good work, just can't rush him. These have been in the making for almost 3 years. Now I really need to finish his quilt ... also 3 years in the making.

Looks like he won't make it to the retreat this year. He was actually upset about not being able to come. He really enjoys it.


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Wonderful! Nice that he shares his craft with he has a special quilt too.

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He did a wonderful job.

As soon as I read your post and saw the pics, I had the exact same thought as Linda..."Do you rent Tim out?"



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Beautiful, Beverly! I LOVE the green walls and plaid curtains, too!

Mark made me a set of very similar tables - two for sewing and a third for the computer. My room is small so all are against the walls. He also put up a pegboard and a sturdy shelf over it. Now if we could only figure out better lighting!


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He is handy to have around I must admit.

The quilt frame is also in it's new home. We will get it leveled today and I will get the storage boxes back under it. The clock will be moved upstairs and a design wall put up behind the frame. Things are coming along.

Sharon, that is my Harley machine picture on the wall.

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Very Nice set up!!!
I have a nice large table, but my machine sits on top, it's not nested like this, which is perfect...did Tim design this for you?

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Great work, Tim! Lucky you, Beverly!

OK, now, if he is not coming to the retreat this year, who is he getting as his substitute to help us carry up our heavy machines and bags of stuff??? And we need our guys to help us hang the quilt show too!

I really will miss Tim if he doesn't come to the retreat....not only is he so much help, but we'll miss him for himself too. Please inform him "we" are not at all pleased - not at all.


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I love your sewing and cutting tables - they are awesome!!! You are so lucky to have a hubby that will make these things for you!!! Hope you get a lot of enjoyment from them.

Best to you,

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Beverly, I have a big ironing board which just sits on my regular ironing board. But it has 2 cleats running the length of the board and spaced to fit on the board underneath. It is very sturdy and secure. Maybe that will work for you.

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How nice! It looks like a perfect set up, and what a good job he did.

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I am sooooo jealous of your new tables and sewing room. Very nice arrangement. Is your frame in the same room?
Tim did a wonderful job making these for you.

I am going to miss Tim at Retreat also! He is definitely our Go-To-Guy --- does he need a break from us????
We need to "hire" a few of those young guys to carry our stuff up and down those stairs -- I'm willing to pay extra! See Tim~it is going to take a few young guys to do what you do! Except they cannot replace your good humor and sweet disposition!

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How lucky can one be. A wonderful husband and one who is so very creative. Congratulations to both of you on good choices and a job well done.

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He did not build the frame. He and Jennifer got together a few years ago and conspired to get me the long arm and frame. It is a Hinterberg Voyager and Stretch frame. We have made some modifications, and added storage underneath.

I have a big ironing board that sits on top of a regular board, but he is going to build a base on wheels with storage under so it will be more stable.

We are trying to work things out so he can come to the retreat. He really does enjoy coming and will miss it. But one of us needs to be available to help with the grands unless youngest DD will be able to. Family things go on for ever.


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I have a Hinterberg floor frame for hand quilting, wish it could be turned into a free arm frame as I do most hand quilting in my lap these days and machine quilting is a lot of work.

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your studio looks great!

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That is just awesome! So nice to have a special space for the craft. In case you haven't made up your mind yet, he's a keeper for sure.

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havn't been over here for awhile,it's that time of year that all my time is spent out in the gardens.
Bev,love your room,and my thought was the same as others when I saw it"do you rent him out'??

Good to see you ladies again and see that you all are staying busy.

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Welcome back Kathi, how are the gardens? Mine have suffered this year, too much cold and rain.

DH has been considering a career change. This working till midnight is for the birds. If he thought he could make a living building tables, he might just go for it. Of course I would lose my sewing room so he could have a shop ....


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