Where does Realtor.com get their "sold" information?

HollyclyffJune 28, 2013

Our house is listed on their site as being sold last month for an insanely low amount - like maybe the value of the lot. It has never even been for sale. I checked the county register of deeds and tax records and there is nothing wrong there. So where did they get this false information? And would this hurt the value of our house if we did try to sell it, or hurt the value of other houses that are for sale in our neighborhood? Or is it simply meaningless garbage on the internet? I don't know whether I should bother to try and get it corrected.

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Realtor.com gets it's information from local MLS systems. It's possible that someone is responsible for a typo. Perhaps there are two streets in you area with similar names?

Does the sold listing show an agent's name or company? If you want it changed that would be my first point of contact. Second would be the local MLS.

Agents and appraisers would use the MLS information and not Realtor.com to do their work. That said, if something shows up in the MLS, that "might" hurt you at some point. If you live in an area where sales are public information you will certainly be able to prove you never sold the house.

If no agent is listed I would call any local real estate company (probably the largest in the area because they often have people handling these types of calls) and ask about it.

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Thank you. No agent is listed. I did some more searching and found that our old neighbors bought a lot in a different town for that amount on that date. But the address is not close to the same. Their old address is of course close, but that house sold for 4 times the amount they paid for the lot that seems to have gotten mixed up with our address.

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Ok just talked to the agent that sold the house next door and she looked it up on the mls and said it doesn't say anything on the MLS about our house being sold at all. So maybe it won't cause us any problem, but still it's weird and I have no idea how it got listed like that. Obviously has something to do with the old neighbors' new purchase, but how I don't know.

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Does it show pictures of your house or just a street name and number?

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No pictures. Just the address, square footage, etc. Public record stuff. It's funny because last week we got a "welcome to the area" coupon from a retailer and thought it was weird since we've lived here since '96. I guess this is why. Somebody got something mixed up somewhere. But the real estate agent said it wouldn't be used for any kind of valuation on the house so I guess it's no big deal. We did notify the website of the error though.

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I'm curious what made you look? (and, how often this happens without the owner having a clue, because they aren't looking...)

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We've been trying to decide if we want to move when our daughter graduates in a couple of years so just out of curiosity we occasionally search on our address to see what the different sites have it estimated at and nearby sales they list. Pure curiosity was all. It was a shock to see that we had supposedly already sold it.

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ha! Will be interesting to see of the other sites note the "sale" too.

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Even though the realtors said basically--no problem--I would get it straightened out and off the site. You never know who will see it and what information will be used one way or another. Also, if you have a mortgage co, check with them to make sure your payments are getting recorded correctly and taxes paid etc. Yes to me it is a big deal, but then I have had identity theft problems.

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