Viking D3 refrigerator - built-in trim kit - worth it?

seosmpApril 19, 2013


I plan on posting this on the Appliance Forum as well.

I am planning on getting the Viking D3 referigerator. I'm debating whether it's worth it to get the optional grille/trim kit for the built-in look. My frig will have cabinetry on the sides, so it's just the top grille and side trim.

I think it would cost around $350 or so.

Does anyone have this and like it, or not like it? Other thoughts?


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I have the Viking D3 frig with cabinet panels on both sides and have considered the grill (PFRGKF2) and side trim kits as well. I think the top grill kit on its own would provide a more built-in look. If I were to find a good deal on the top grill kit, I'd consider it. But overall, I'm not sure it's worth the price they're asking.

Unfortunately, there's not many good pics out there with these accessories and it's hard to tell if the pics out there feature the accessories by themselves or all together.

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I agree it's hard to tell from the pictures out there - what do the side trim pieces even look like? The cutout width is the same regardless of the side trim kit (36" either way).

Maybe that would be a possibility - just go with the top grille - assuming the side pieces aren't required.

How are you liking the frig?

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We've had it for 6 months and the only issue recently is the internal temp running a few degrees cooler than the temp on the readout. I have a call into Viking to fix this. Otherwise, it's been running like a champ.

This is the same frig mechanically as the KitchenAid KFCP and JA JFC2290 series, just with different handles. Since the handles on the D3 are chrome, they will show fingerprints more easily. Easy enough to wipe donw, but something to consider if you're OCD about such things :).

I got the D3 for the same price as the KA and JA, but since Viking offers a better warranty, I chose it.

Here is a link that might be useful: My D3

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I don't have a Viking, but it made my refrigerator look a whole lot better. Worth the $250.00 I spent.

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I have this trim kit for the Viking Pro, and it is all awaiting installation this week. The top grille serves to hide the hinge and cover the gap between the cabinet and the fridge, while letting air in. The side vents are just slits of metal that help bridge the gap on the sides. I can post pics once it goes in, if anyone is interested.

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Thank you for the replies!

nixit71 - thanks for the info and the picture - that helps a lot! I actually went with the Viking for the warranty as well.

I actually got a quote for the grille kit - $200. They said you could use the grille kit w/o the side trim, so I might start with that and then get the side trim if it doesn't look right.

Thanks again!

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gooster - saw your post after I replied. I would love to see how it looks! Thanks!

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The top grill kit isn't necessary, the hinges are hid anyway with the D3. My contractor said he has installed a bunch of these and they look great without the grill, and that gives you more cabinet space above fridge. I wanted to get it too but he said it wasn't needed. The D3 is taller than older models already so the grill kit isn't as important as it is for shorter models.

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