A bit of sadness...

mary_c_gwJune 13, 2011

I made this quilt for my DH's nanny. DH is 72, so his nanny (who would never divulge her age!) has to be at least 90.

I met her once, about 18 years ago when we were in England. Oh, she was so happy to DH again, and was thrilled to meet our son, who was 6 or 7 at the time. She is a lovely person.

Well, we just got a letter from her niece, and Minnie has gone into a care home (assisted living facility, in our vocabulary). She's now mostly deaf, and has some vision problems, as well as just being incredibly frail. This hit the DH hard - he feels Minnie was his third parent.

But her niece said she uses the quilt daily, and points out the label, saying it was made especially for her to anyone who asks about it. It now keeps her warm in her wheelchair. This makes me feel wonderful!

I love this quilt, too, and I thought I'd repost the picture.

Minnie's quilt:

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Sometimes we don't know just how much a quilt that we've made means to someone. How blessed you are to have been told Minnie treasures your quilt!! I used to work in an assisted living facility, & reading your post I could just picture her fondling the fabric, smiling & always eager to share how 'someone special made this just for Me'. It IS a beautiful quilt! I love the quilting on it:)
Aren't you glad you made the quilt for her?! Thank you! for sharing the story! & the pics! :)


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What a beautiful quilt, no wonder she loves it. Cindy is right, we may never know the comfort our quilts give someone.


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Beautiful quilt and beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.

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What an awesome story!! It's great that she got to meet you and your son, too. I'm in to process of making my grandmother (whose 90) a quilt. I hope I can get it done for her for Christmas. I can see her using it the same way as Minnie.


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You have made a lovely quilt and it certainly says to everyone who sees it: "Someone loves this lady". so many elderly people are placed in Nursing Homes and forgotten, but she is loved and loves her quilt too. I'm in the process of organising supported care for both my parents and this gives me an idea to make each of them quilts to show how much they are loved, no matter where they are.


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What a beauty, Mary. I'm sure she can still see the colors even with her vision becoming dim. Maybe not clearly, but she'll have the memory while feeling your caring stitches knowing your DH remembered her. The elderly appreciate knowing they haven't been forgotten. Thank you for making this for her.


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Last week, when I was looking thru old posts for your tip on using the Bubble Jet 2000 on labels, I came across your picture of this quilt and you were sending it to your DH's Aunt in England. I thought about her, and how she was doing since she was elderly.....how odd-the timing. I think you were trying out a new quilting pattern on your longarm on this quilt.

I hope you & your DH are comforted knowing you are close to her heart and she feels a special closeness to you thru her quilt.

I think this is a sweet story. You are lucky her daughter told you.

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It is comforting that even at a distance our quilts give homage to those we care about. Your colorful pinwheels brighten your loved ones life daily. Very rewarding for both of you. TFS Jayne

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I remember the earlier pictures of this quilt and thought then that it was so bright and cheerful it would be a wonderful quilt for an elderly person. I'm so glad you gave us this follow-up!


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