LOOKING for: Beef & Noodles like Grandma used to make

nsf798May 17, 2006

Dh's grandmother used to make homemade beef & noodles for him when he was little. He tells the story of how on the drive to her house he would get lectured not to ask Grandma to make beef & noodles for him. Then they'd walk in the door and Grandma would ask him what he wanted her to cook for him. And as always he'd say Beef & Noodles. She loved making it for him. I'd love to have a really great recipe for homemade Beef & Noodles to surprise dh, if anyone would like to share. Thank you!!

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I honestly don't make beef and noodles (but it sure sounds good) but I wonder what kind of beef do you mean? Maybe if you could go into a bit more detail, somebody might have a recipe. Do you mean meat like stew meat or ground hamburger and would it be a brown gravy or have some tomato in it? Can you get some more details from your DH without spoiling the surprise?

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I make them quite often.

You need some good bones. Steak bones, rib bones, soup bones, and some good stewing meat. And, you need some good chuck roast to chunk into it too.

In a big heavy bottomed pot, add the bones, two cloves of garlic, one or two bay leaves, a whole onion, not peeled but the root end cut clean, that has been cut into a three-way "X". You need to add a couple stalks of celery and some carrots too. Add some thyme if you like the flavor. Add no salt or pepper at this point. Cover and cook at a simmering, not a boil, for about 6 hours. Then, strain the broth off and save it. You can pick the meat off the bones and add it to the broth, or just throw all the bones and simmered gunk away.

Then put the broth back into a clean heavy bottomed pot and add the good chuck meat cut into chunks about 1 inch by 1 inch. Simmer until the meat is tender, about three hours or so. *If you boil the meat, it will get tough. You can add a good quality beef boullion if you like to enchance the flavor and perk it up with the saltiness of the boullion.

All of this can be done in advance and saved in the fridge. Everytime you have a standing rib or a bunch of steak or anything that produced lots of bones and scrap meat, save it or cook it into broth.

Then, when you're ready to make the final dish, cook the chunky broth until it is just at a boil.

Make homemade egg noodles. The recipe is simple. 2 cups of flour, 2 eggs, a pinch of salt, and I like to add a touch of melted butter to my noodles. You can do this really easy in a food processor. Just pulse them until they are holding together. If you need to add any liquid, then add a bit of water, but they should be pretty dry, not a wet dough. (If you want puffier noodles that are really light, then use self rising flour).

Roll the noodles out on a floured surface and after you have a nice thin rectangle or whatever shape, roll it all up into a log roll like you would cinnamon buns. Then, using a really sharp knife cut down the center lengthwise from end to end and try to keep it together as best as possible. Then, cut from the end across the two long lenghts of noodle dough into the thickness you like. I like a 3/8 inch cut. Do that to the entire mess of dough. And toss it in the flour to keep it separated.

Then, to the rolling boiled liquid and meat, add the noodles that have been shook loose from most of the flour, but keep lots of flour on them, as this flour will thicken the liquid for the Beef and Noodles. If you need more thickening, add some flour and water paste thinned out in the broth to the pot.

For a good touch, add a nice splash of real sherry wine. It perks the flavor of the beef.

Only salt and pepper AFTER you've made your broth and do it to taste, and do it AFTER you add any boullioin for flavor.

You can degrease the broth if you like, but, leaving it in is okay in beef and noodles. This is a hearty dish and the fat adds lots of flavor and gets soaked up in the gravy and the noodles anyway.

This is the way my grandmother taught me to make this, and she was from South Dakota. I have a good friend who is from Iowa and she makes her Beef and Noodles the same way, and a friend of Indiana makes her the same too. She adds more onions in hers than we do.

The real way to serve them in our family is to make mashed potatoes and serve the beef and noodles over buttery mashed potatoes. (I come from a long line of hard working farmers from the cold who needed extra fat on their frame to make it through the hard winters!)

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My Stars, Potpie! I am truly salivating after reading your recipe! Wow! Your (your grandmother's) recipe sounds like heaven on earth.

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woodie2, sorry I didn't explain it more. It's just cut up chunks of beef & homemade noodles. No tomatos & not a thick gravy, more like a soup but you just eat the noodles & meat.

potpie, thank you so much for your very detailed recipe! I will give this a try definately. And I love them with mashed potatoes too.

If anyone has any more, please share. I would like to be able to make this in under an hour.

Also I don't have a food processor. How else do I make the noodles?

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Hey Potpie, my dog isn't getting any more bones!
WOW, you know I cut & pasted that recipe.

Nsf798, the way I've been making it is to take my leftover roast beef cut down into bite size chunks and toss it into the leftover gravy from the roast. I also fry up sliced onions and add those. As this heats through I cook up noodles and serve together. This always tastes good, but I don't think it would knock Dh's socks off. I bet Potpie's recipe could.


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nsf798, noodles are pretty simple. Put 2 cups of flour and a pinch of salt in a bowl, make a little "nest" in the middle and add 2 eggs plus a bit of melted butter if you like. I've never added the butter, but it might add a little nice flavor. Stir the eggs into the flour until it comes together into a ball, use your hands if you have to. I always do. If it is too dry to make a dough at all, add a little bit of water at a time until you have a very stiff dough that will hold together in a ball, then roll out on a floured surface and cut to your desired thickness.


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It's impossible to make "beef and noodles" in under an hour....unless you have done the cook the bones, make the broth, thing and have the results in the freezer.
I suppose you COULD simmer some cut up round steak in jarred "artificial" gravy....but that is a sacriledge!
Sounds wonderful, Potpie! That's pretty much the way I do....but usually skip the bones thing and just start with a chuck roast, browned and cooked in canned broth ( I know!!...)
Linda C

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If you want to make Chicken and Noodles or Turkey and Noodles, you just use poultry bones instead of beef.

When I make chicken and noodles, sometimes I'll add about 5 cups of thick shredded cabbage and two sticks of butter about 12 minutes before adding the noodles. Then, add the noodles. It is the best cabbage and noodles you'll ever eat! If you do the cabbage and noodles, you'll be adding a lot of salt and pepper to season after it is done.

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Potpie's version sounds so good! I make this dish with fewer steps, but it indeed takes more than an hour. It's basically pot roast (but without the carrots and potatoes), using a chuck roast, as mentioned before, and salt, pepper, and onions essential. Brown the meat first, and add other seasonings such as herbs or vinegar if you like, but it is good to keep it simple. Use a little water or beef broth as the liquid for braising. I'll have to try that thyme or sherry wine next time as something to add in. One thing I personally always love to add during the last few minutes of cooking time is sliced mushrooms!

I used to always start with a chuck roast, but I have also cut it up first before cooking, like stew meat, and that works fine. It might cook a little faster. Bring to a boil, then lower heat and simmer gently, covered, for about 1 1/2 - 2 hours. Oh, by the way, I have used round steak instead of chuck, and it is also delicious in beef and noodles.

Sorry this recipe is not exact. I've used different amounts of meat; it always seems fine, and this traditionally was a way to stretch a meal. Maybe 2-3 pounds beef to one pound of noodles would be good. Mushrooms kind of fill in with that same texture.

I use store bought noodles and cook separately in salted water. You can butter the noodles for extra richness, and maybe add a little chopped Italian parsley to them.

After the meat is done, shred or cut it up and combine it with the cooking liquid, noodles, and extra beef stock if needed. Done!

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We get all our meat from my folks and we seem to run out of roasts and hamburger first. What I do is take a couple of steaks, sirloin, t-bone, round steaks and while partially frozen I cut into small pieces. I put those in a small roaster with some onions , water, and the meat seasoned. I bake at 350 until done, while this is cooking I make the homemade noodles. I just love homemade noodles even though mine always look like some crazy woman made them:) I then boil the noodles when finished, and add to the browned beef in the roaster along with more water and beef base. You could put it on top of the stove and add enough water for soup, but I put it in the roaster and add a little flour to thicken the gravy.

BTW this is making me hungry for some beef and noodles, may have to get busy this morning.

As to taking an hour, one thing that I do is make up a couple batches of noodles at one time. After letting them dry I will put them in the freezer, then I have noodles ready for when ever I want to make chicken and noodles, or beef and noodles.


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I use the same noodle recipe as potpie but instead of the butter, I add a spoonful of fat from the beef or chicken broth along with the eggs. It gives the noodles a little extra flavor.

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"potpie" Many, many thanks for sharing your grandmother's recipe with us! In this day of fast foods, quick and easy recipes...everybody seems to want to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen. Really good, basic cooking seems to be a lost art to the young, modern housewife.

I am a "from scratch" cook, getting a great deal of satisfaction from old-fashioned, basic cooking. Of course, under some circumstances quick, easy recipes have their place too.

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Both my mother and mother-in-law made an eggless noodle and called them Sliders. You can stew either chicken or beef. Beef is our fave...I stew beef shanks for 2-3hrs with water & onions, salt & pepper. I later take some of the broth out to mix with flour and 1/2 to 1 tsp of baking powder to form a ball of dough. I roll it out and cut into squares or any shape. After removing the bone and grizzle, I cut the beef into smaller pieces and return to broth. Drop the noodles into the broth and simmer for a half hour or more. Just made some for my aunt & uncle today.

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After reading this thread today, I've decided I should make some stewed beef and noodles (sliders) before hot weather gets here. I loved the stewed beef my mom made in her pressure cooker when I was growing up.

Thanks for the recipes!

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Hmm, teresa, you have about a week to get going on this then.
It was near 70 here today.

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Amish Acres in Nappanee IN....the restaurant there has (had?) the best beef and noodles I ever ate in my life. Do they still serve family style dinners there?

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