Granny's Bowties

jackier123June 17, 2013

Several years ago as my grandmother was going into a nursing home for alzheimer's patients, we were going through her house dividing up all of the odds and ends. I found these bowtie blocks in a drawer and no one wanted them. I put them away and just recently decided to put them together. The thing that made me get them at the time was that one of them (the bright pink one) was a leftover from a quilt that she made me the first time I was married which was over 28 years ago. At the time we were dividing things up, I did not even quilt or own a sewing machine. The quilt is baby size so I will save it for my first grandchild if I ever have one. He or she will have a quilt made from blocks that his or her great great grandmother pieced. This is the first quilt that I quilted on my new longarm.


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Those are gorgeous. It's so nice to have a family treasure like that. Good job, Jackie.

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What a great quilt. That is just the kind I grew up with and probably why I love scrappy quilts so much. Be sure to write down the history and store it away with a picture of the quilt. Then the grand can add to it later.


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I love scrappy because I always feel there is a story behind each piece. You have a wonderful quilt to pass down. Thanks for sharing.

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I think it is a great treasure too.
Just today I was thinking that I wish I had kept a quilt made by my mother for one of my children but it was so loved and dragged around that it 'died a natural death'.
And thanks again Jackie, for saving my sanity today.

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Great "save", Jackie! I love old scrappy quilts and the history in the fabrics.


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What a great story! I know this is out of your comfort zone - mine too! I like your layout. How big are the original blocks? 1 bowtie per block?? The placement of the yellow-gold bowties and your choice for gold binding is perfect. Such a treasure! Great job!
This was a wonderful choice for your first to quilt on your frame-include that in the history as well.

Someday someone is going to look back at this history and see how (your) life and quilting has evolved and survived thru the generations.

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Jackie, what a beautiful quilt and wonderful story.

This will be such a treasure. I hope that your 'quilt story' will be passed on down through the generations.


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Your grandchild will love it!

I do hope you will write the story (history) on a piece of fabric and then sew it to the back of the quilt. *You* know about the pink fabric, and the date and importance of it, but in ten or fifty years that info could easily be lost, and yet it would enhance the value to whoever is lucky enough to receive the quilt.

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What a fun quilt and a beautiful legacy. Looks like you've got the hang of your new long arm too.

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Jackie, How wonderful to be able to find these blocks, keep them and put them together. Great quilt! As the others have said, the story needs to be saved, too. You're doing your part in keeping a bit of your family history intact.


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Thanks for sharing your quilt and the story behind it. And nice job with the new long arm!

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That's a treasure and I can only hope it continues to be passed alone. I agree scrappy is great especially when the fabrics hold memories. I am so happy that you gave your grandmother this gift by bring to life something she put together. A real tribute and I am sorry she isn't able to share it.

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Jackie...thanks so much for sharing the story, it's a treasure for your family. Lovely job assembling this treasure and nice job with your new long got the hang of your new toy...looks great!

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I just love this quilt, and the history behind it is wonderful!

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Jackie, I think it is fate that 'spoke' to you about putting the blocks aside, even though you were not a sewer/quilter!

Such an amazing gift to be handed down to future generations. It's a beautiful quilt, I love your layout and your quilting enhances the pattern perfectly.

The only hand made items we found of my beloved grandmother were the crochet items I had made for her. I was just beginning to crochet and she never used them.


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That is lovely

to be cherished

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It's charming. I like how you set up the secondary four patches with color coordinated bow ties.

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