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annova914April 21, 2011

I'm planning to serve moussaka at a small dinner party and can't come up with a good side(s) (I'll also make a big Greek salad). So, the moussaka is on the dinner plate, the salad will end up on a salad plate...that leaves a lot of room on the dinner plate. I'm not Greek so I'm not all that familiar with sides that would go well with moussaka. Thanks for any suggestions/advice :>)

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Most moussaka recipes contain a meat sauce layered with eggplant, sometimes with potato slices thrown in. So I think you could add just about anything. Greeks love braised greens (like spinach or chard) dressed simply with olive oil and lemon juice. You could throw in a minced or crushed clove of garlic. (We had greens with olive oil & lemon almost every night when I was growing up. It was years before I discovered other people put butter on their vegetables.)

Another option would be a pilafi of some sort. Simple cooked rice that had been browned before adding stock is always good. You could also cook cracked wheat or bulgur the same way. That was always a favorite of mine. Or orzo, browned in a bit of butter or oil and then cooked in chicken broth.

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Thanks for the great suggestions, shambo! Years ago I used to saute fresh spinach in olive oil & minced garlic; then I'd squirt it with fresh lemon juice. But that was back before the baby spinach boom, back when we bought big bunches of huge spinach leaves and had to soak them forever to get rid of the grit. I'm wondering how the baby spinach leaves will handle being sauted in oil. Anyhooo--appreciate your help (haven't made my own pilaf in a long time either...hmmm ;>)

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