$10 million appears in your bank account ....

kiwidjMay 21, 2009

What would you do?

A couple here in NZ applied to their bank for a $10,000 loan and ended up with $10 million being deposited into their account!

And they've dropped everything, abandoned their business, a couple of properties and done a runner! Police think they've headed for Asia (the man is Asian) as there are no extradition agreements between NZ & many Asian countries.

It's spurred lots of lively debate here with people asking themselves what they would do in a similar situation. Many see it as a victim-less crime with not much sympathy for the faceless banking giant involved!

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I heard about this. Some predict that it will ruin them even if they're not caught. They're not married but it'll probably affect their relationship and they'll have to avoid family because they're going to be scoped out.

Apparently they couldn't withdraw all of the funds so they only have part of the 6 million.

It'll take a lot more than that to make me run with it.

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I couldn't live with myself if I did that - but I wouldn't do it in the first place. That couple was dishonest and should have been forth coming and let the bank know of the error. It doesn't matter if the bank made an error - the $10 million wasn't their money.

I believe in the "what goes around comes around" philosophy as well as karma.

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To me it wouldn't matter if it was a faceless banking giant or a poor person....theft is theft. I would contact the bank as soon as I saw the mistake.

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A fool and his money never come to any good ending, no matter if it was ill gained or not. You get in turn what you live. It may take years and no one may know, and you may forget your evil deed but it WILL come back to you.

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Withdraw $250,000, spread it on my bed, get naked, and roll around in it...

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I would definitely have notified the bank of their error. I like living life as it is way too much to even think about being on the run for the rest of my life. If they had been honest, do you think the bank would have given them a decent reward???

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One night's interest sounds like a decent reward.

What's up with NZ lately? lol. This three year old bid on and won a truck, all by himself. The truck cost $15,600/NZ20,000.

Here is a link that might be useful: Boy buys earth digger

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Notify the bank for sure, unless you have a criminal mind and would do what that other couple did - make a big withdrawal and skip.

Why notify the bank so soon? It is a loan! You are beng charged interest on 10 million dollars, not 10 thousand dollars - huge difference and costly.

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The bank once made a mistake and credited me an undeserved $800. We were driving out of the bank parking lot, when I was looking at my passbook and started screaming at my husband, "You have to turn around, we have to go back!" Of course, I'd let them know about the mistake. I couldn't live with myself if I took someone else's money--and that money may have arrived via a big, nameless, faceless bank, but it was originally deposited there by little people who no doubt worked hard for their money. Neither they, nor the bank, nor the insurance company should be funding a crook's lifestyle.

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This past month I was reconciling one of my savings accounts, that I only transfer money into from other accts I don't do regular deposits into this acct. I see on the statement a $5,246.00 deposit, I verified DH did not make the deopsit (which he NEVER does) and checked online, for over a week expecting them to withdraw it. I go to the bank the next week and let the teller know it was not my money, to please check it out, it was a deposit made to a company with a name close to ours in Pennsilvania, & I'm in California, I told the teller I do not want "bad" money. If it was my money that went into someone elses account I sure would want it back, and eventually you know they will deduct it... Whats fair is fair... I need to know I have good karma around me.. It will catch up with this couple.

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I'm missing something here.

The bank put $10 million in the guy's account, right?

So did he withdraw it all, or what?

The bank knows who is.

I'm missing something.


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sue_va -- Yes, they know who it is, but they can't find him. If they do find him in a non-cooperating country they can't get him arrested and sent back to NZ.

The world is gone mad!

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About a year and a half ago a similar thing happened near here, but the amount was only around $200,000. The couple claimed they contacted the bank a number of times but the bank claimed there was no error. The bank found the error several months later but by then the couple had spent part of the money. I'm not sure they have ever resolved it.

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Probably call a press conference or a big name news channel then call the bank and give it back

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I'd call the bank and let them know.

But while I did it the devil on my shoulder would be whispering 'just let the money sit there and see how long it takes the bank to figure out they screwed up!'


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Since I've been known to go back into a store to give them back a dollar they gave me in error, I'd say I'd let the bank know as soon as I saw the extra money. It's not MY money even though it was put in my acct.


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funny Lori, my left shoulder was telling me the same thing, but I have enough things keeping me awake at night, I did not need one more. The teller told me it could have been months before they actually made the connection of where the money went, but that they would eventually find it.

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The news stories say 6.1 million.

Now I smell an inside job. Have any of you ever tried to withdraw a large sum of money from the bank?

They don't care if it's in your account or not. That withdrawal should and would have been flagged. A teller wouldn't just hand over the cash and an ATM has limits. If they tried to write a check it would be questioned. Even an E check would be flagged by someone. So just how did they withdraw the funds?

Any bank employees call in sick that week?

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WC, that is what I'm trying to understand. Nowhere in what I read above did it say he withdrew the money!

The facts, m'am, just the facts.


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In the past 40 years, I've found only one bank error. Somehow, a goodly sum of money was deposited to my checking account, and it wasn't mine. Fortunately, my bank statement was mailed to me only a day or two after the error had been made so timely correction could be made. Somehow, a client's stock dividend got deposited to my account instead of his. The Bank was really happy to get my call.

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Not nearly that much, but several years ago the
bank "deposited" a little over $5,000 in my
checking account. I went down - twice - and they
said there was no error. The 2nd time I went, I
asked to see the Manager and asked him to give me
a letter stating that no error had been made, and
that was a true accounting of my account.

He made sure they found the error. LOL

Nobody wants to admit they're wrong, it seems. But, I
can't understand why it wasn't found in the Accounting

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Our problem was the reverse. We deposited a 2000.00 check to our account, the whoever does the job missed a 0 and showed we only deposited 200.00. Took us a couple of months to get our money back into our account.

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That's not even a question I'd have to logically ask myself. I'd call the bank immediately. That money belongs to someone and it obviously wouldn't have been mine.

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Yep, there's no question about informing the bank when they make an error - not that it's ever happened to me.

The story changes daily over the amount that this guy's managed to get. It's now at $3.8 million. The money was transferred electronically out of the NZ account and if it was done in a number of smaller amounts it would have escaped the bankers radar.

Imagine having to live like fugitives the rest of your life and never being able to return 'home' to friends and family. There's not enough $$ in the world to make that an option!

Here is a link that might be useful: The New Zealand Herald story

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OMG! No way. I've always thought "If" I stole something, I know I would be caught. No doubt. I'd never risk loosing everything and everyone I love for money.

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Wildchild, I thought the same thing. There has to be more to the story. What, did the couple ask for $6 million in $100 bills???

If it happened to me, I wouldn't call. I'd write, and send the letter by certified mail. But I'm a lawyer.:)

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After the past 10 years and watching what goes on in estates in the family and the crookedness involved there, it's not an issue of being isolated. It's been too close to home for me.

I don't know enough on this story either. Doesn't make sense to me. And even with the $5 or $10 mistakes, I've corrected them before. Both when I'd cashier and people would give too much or when I check out and get too much in change. It's just the way I am. I like to think that a good deed will come back to you in some form. Sadly bad deeds go unpunished all too often. But that doesn't stop me from separating right from wrong and making myself proud of myself.

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I had it happen to me. I deposited a check for $100,000 and received a deposit slip for $1,000,000. Didn't check until two days later when I was updating the checkbook. Called the bank and told them they gave me too many zeros! The teller laughed and fixed the problem.

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