Has anyone seen this cutlery storage before?

ali80caApril 17, 2013

I think this looks like an excellent use of space, but I have never seen it before and am curious if it is available or if it is custom built. Does anyone know??


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I will be using something similar to store spatulas, etc., in pull-outs flanking my cooktop. Jay Rambo does one in their line, my KD told me, but she is having her installer retrofit pull-outs from Holiday for my kitchen. I bought the bins at the Container Store. Now, my bins may just be dropped into holes in the shelves, as opposed to those solid-looking blocks. Dunno yet, and don't care. Just want the functionality. I will post a link to the Jay Rambo set up.

Here is a link that might be useful: Implement Storage

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Below is another link to a similar, even better use of space, IMHO, for cutlery. Square holders dropped into a deep shelf.

I posted here for comments a while back, and it was pointed out that cleaning might be tedious. I agree. But I still like it, and hope I don't regret not using it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cutlery Storage

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It's actually a waste of space. Nesting silverware takes up less space and a double height silverware organizer will cost less too.

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I'd rather have a wide, traditional drawer -- with adjustable dividers so you can allow more space for the forks and knives, which are larger than the spoons. Why? Because I'm sure you'd end up denting or dulling the ends of the silverware in a stand-up container . . . and because a pull-out like that is more expensive than a traditional drawer.

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I agree that it is wasted space unless that space is going to be wasted anyway...and then it seems like a cool use of that space. My family sucks at the nesting concept...lol it annoys me :)

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Thanks for the links MizLizzie. MrsPete, I have a feeling I will end up with a large swallow drawer with lots of divided sections, but I do like exploring my options!

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I agree that it would take a lot of space to store cutlery that way, and I don't have that much to spare. I'm happy with a nice, shallow drawer with dividers for nesting my silverware. However, I think the idea to have something like that for spatulas, turners, etc. is brilliant. A lot of people use crocks on their countertop to keep frequently used items close at hand, but I resist the visual clutter. I know that they can look nice, but that's just how I see it. So, if I was redesigning my kitchen, I would definitely be interested in using something like that for other kitchen implements.

I do prefer the square shape, for efficient use of space, but I would take whichever I could get and make work in my kitchen.

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I had to get the crock off my counter! I have one, plus 2 drawers of rattling, forever-tangling "implements" that I use constantly. For the flatware, however, I went with a wide drawer with a double-layered divider insert. It seemed best, much as I love the notion of just dropping forks in a hole . . .

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This looks like a nightmare if you have small children!! haha I could see my 2 year old LOVING this pullout! I guess you could put a child latch on it, but what a pain. This would have to be for homes without small children.

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i love that square cutlery holder. that looks like a great idea for spatulas, etc. maybe right next to the cooktop? then the shelves underneath can be used for spices.. those larger tools never fit in the shallow drawers well. it probably is something you can customize to a spice pullout.

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teachertile, good point! Mine are grown and gone, so that isn't an issue. Michoumonster, I too find the concept appealing, either for cutlery or utensils. I know we have a couple awkward areas in our kitchen that will need fillers or pull outs of some sort.

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I have a much smaller scaled down version for spatulas and stuff next to my stove. I like it a lot, it is very convenient:

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Plus, I really really wouldn't want grubby unwashed hands grabbing the business ends of my silverware to set the table. (KIds and DH's are the usual offenders.) You'd have to put them handles first and label the bins. Might not work great for kids then. Or, some DH's. Or even me.

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