Painting on Silk

K8OrlandoJune 9, 2012

I took a class today on painting on silk. Very interesting and fun too. Juanita Yeager was the instructor. For all of us it was our first attempt at painting on fabric although some of the participants had painting experience. I've never painted anything more complicated than a wall so it was a challenge for me, but Juanita's instruction was great and it all worked out OK.

I haven't quilted my piece yet, but I'm pretty pleased with the painting. We used water colors mixed with soy milk on silk broadcloth that was pre-treated with soy milk. We lightly traced the outline of the pattern, then filled in the spaces and shaded them with the water colors.

I took the class with my quilting friend, Marilyn. We enjoyed it so much that we stopped at the local art shop on the way home and each bought a few tubes of water color paints. I'll be painting on soy-treated muslin though until I feel like I'm good enough at it to go back to silk!


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Kate, you did a beautiful job. I really like what you did and would love to learn how to do that!


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Kate, your flowers are quite lovely. I can't wait to see how you quilt it. Very pretty.

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I get very intimidated by people who are "artistic", although I have 2 daughters who are extremely talented. They did not get it from me. I don't even do walls.
Love your work Kate. It is inspiring.

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Kate, I think your painting is lovely! Some years ago I did quite a bit of painting on fabric (mostly T shirts) and was surprised how easy it is, even though I am also not "artistic". :)


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wow~I think you are your way to another passion you will have to feed ~lol~

You did a nice job. Taking workshops can be addicting.

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Sounds like a great class. What does she say about washing it. Do you iron or treat it or anything?

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That is beautiful. Do I see some hand painted quilt labels in your future?


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No ironing or treating required! These colors are color-fast and non-light sensitive so there shouldn't even be much fading although I probably won't hang it where it gets direct sunlight. Juanita said that her painted quilts are intended as wall hangings so washing isn't an issue but she's gotten paint on t-shirts and other pieces of clothing that she's washed many, many times and the paint is still there and still vibrant. A lot depends on the quality of the water color paints you use. She advised us to stick with professional grade paints - not the little tray of colors that school kids use! - and look for specific qualities: transparency, light fastness, non-granulating, and a high degree of staining. She likes Daniel Smith paints. I didn't get those for my first attempts at home because they are so much more expensive but there are much less costly paints that meet the requirements. I found a set of 12 small tubes in a good variety of colors for $12. They meet all the requirements on the list although they don't have as high a staining rating as the Smith paints. If I get serious enough to do a large piece with lots of tropical leaves, I'll probably invest the $8 for a tube of Daniel Smith green paint.

Hand painted quilt labels? I think I'll stick with the pens for that! I don't think it would be easy to paint anything small enough to work as a label. The piece I did is around 22" x 30" and the paint does spread a bit from where you put it. That's part of the fun: to figure out where and how and how far it will bleed. For water color fabric painting I think bigger is easier than smaller!

Thanks for all your nice comments! I'm hoping this doesn't become a new passion but I know I'll play with it a little. I've got to do at least a couple purses with hand painted panels and I'm thinking a BIG tropical wallhanging for over my sofa.


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Beautiful!! It's amazing this is your first piece. Sounds like it will be a great hobby.

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Pretty! Lordy, it does sound like fun, too.

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