Vented hood who does the duct work?

Holly- KayApril 13, 2013

DH is still pushing to have an over the cook top microwave. I did a search and found that with a 30 inch cook top I need 300 CFU's. The Jenn Air OTR microwave is rated at 300. However I am still torn about a hood as I think that is the best way to go but a ductless hood would, IMO, be no better than the microwave fan. What I need to know is who does the duct work? Do I use a plumber or an electrician? My cook top is not far from an exterior wall so venting outdoors doesn't seem like it would be a big deal cost wise.

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Our GC did the duct work and the electrician installed the hood.

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My contractor did it. It would seem to be an awful shame to pass up the opportunity to do a real hood when you have the chance. You won't find a lot of support here for doing an OTR microwave when it can be avoided. Aside from the poor venting provided by an OTR vent, the microwave itself is placed such that those of us short folks risk burns when removing something like a hot bowl if soup. All in all, if space and cost allow (and I think the cost of ducting is not significant), do the real hood.

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Holly- Kay

My cook top is 30 inches and I only have room for a 30 inch hood. My understanding is that the hood should be larger. I can't go any larger, but I think a vented hood even a 30 inch hood would be better than the mw.

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Absolutely. I think that a deep hood (24" at least) is way more important than extending the sides out. The OTR microwave hood is very shallow. It is minimally effective, but virtually useless for anything that you cook on the front burners.

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I ordered one from Lowe's and they sent the installer out to measure. Turns out, they do not install vented hoods, only recirculating hoods. They suggested an HVAC guy.

We ended up going to our nearby (huge, non-chain) hardware store. They are ordering and installation will be only an extra $172.

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My GC hired a separate ventilation company for the ducting on the hood. The subcontract electrician wired it, and the GCs full time employee, who does all kinds of different fill-in type of work, placed the exterior shell.

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I have a 30" vent over a 30" stove. Can you DIY it? It was not that hard to do.

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We used our hvac/gas people did ours.

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My HVAC guys installed the ducting, cut the hole in the roof, and installed the hood. My electrician hooked up the power. Easy peasy.

I second the call to do a real, vented hood. OTRs don't do a good job exhausting the HOGS (heat, oil, gas, steam); they aren't deep enough front to back; and they are difficult to work under. The difference in my old OTR and my new, vented hood is like night and day.

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My HVAC guys also did the duct work for my hood. My contractor installed the fantech inline blower and silencer.

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A lot dpeds on the size (length) of the vet run.

Straight out theback through an exterior wall is not hard.
Even a single 90 degree outthe top through an exterior wall.

A remote (exterior) blower makes it a little harder since now you need a power connection from the hood switch to the bower, but it is still pretty simple (and if you can get the large duct you need some NM cable is going to start looking simple).

Up and out a roof is not that bad if the roof pitch is shallow.

A steep roof pitch or through a second floor (like hidden in a closet) can be a real PITA.

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Not a single mention of the most critical consideration, the cooking appliance mfg. recommendation for the MIN. cfm value.
A 48" HOBB requires a slightly larger venting appliance, than a 24" cooktop.
Which an OTC M/H would suffice for.

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Holly- Kay

My research says 300 CFU's for a 30 inch electric induction. I have many customers who are HVac companies. I will call tomorrow. It looks like I can get a very simple style hood for about 800 to 900. I will save almost that much with keeping my old counter MW. Thanks so much for all your answers.

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Holly- Kay

My cook top is about 4 foot from an exterior wall so I would think an immediate 90 degree angle and right out the exterior wall. However in my experience when something seems like it should be an easy project it quickly turns into a nightmare!

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