Birthday Block Exchange Community - General Discussion (June)

sandlapper_roseJune 1, 2012

Has anyone completed a Birthday Block Exchange quilt lately? Do you maybe have the quilt top sewn together? We would love to hear from you and see pictures!

This is the place to share information among members of the Birthday Block Exchange - past and present members - and guests are welcome, too.

I must admit I have been working on charity quilts lately and then got started with Etsy where I am having fun, but spending far too much time. LOL

I have decided that one of the groups of blocks from my Birthday Block Exchange is going to be made into a baby quilt. I used pink and brown that year and found the cutest baby fabric that can be added to make it into a baby quilt. If I can get Photobucket to behave I will definitely try to post pictures when I finish it. All in all, my computer seems to have lots of issues these days... maybe the internet is just getting too busy!

Have a good month of June, everyone.

(...and remember Kay's "unbirthday"!)


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What is a birthday block exchange community and how does it work.

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Hi, lowraine!
The Birthday Block Exchange is usually set up towards fall for the following year so this year's members are well into the year at this point. We organize it so 13 people are in a group and you send a specific block to each person in your group so that they receive it for their birthday. Normally we have about 4 groups of 13 people participating, but many wanted to take this year to put their blocks together into quilt tops so there is only one group this year: Icing on the Cake.
If you think you might be interested, I will be happy to send you more about "how it usually is set up" if you contact me by e-mail or you can just watch for the new sign ups for 2013.
As for the block list, it is a long list to choose from and you pick your block and the colors you would like used in the blocks that you receive. Or some people just say "quilter's choice" and the sender decides. The reason we have a list of approved blocks is so that none of the blocks are too difficult to make.
That's a quick description. I could say more, but until it is set up for 2013, we won't really know what the exact rules will be. It's lots of fun!

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Not only is it fun, but I like how I've been making blocks I wouldn't normally try to make, only to find out I want to make more of them! I definitely recommend it!

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I will watch in the fall so I can join in as well. Thanks

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Well, it has been a quiet month here so far - hope to hear from a few more in the Birthday Block Exchange before the month ends.
I have been busy in the garden lately, but I did complete this quilt on Saturday. It is not from Birthday Blocks though. I had not tried the picture loading feature before and hooray, it works! If you are admiring the quilting, I did not do it. I have a friend who is a professional longarm quilter and it's her work. I really admire how she does this!
Stay in touch and I'll start up a heading for July when we get to it.

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Your quilt is fantastic. Lovely colour combinations. Your friend's quilting looks great too.


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In case anyone missed seeing the pics of my birthday blocks, please check them out. I designated colors, but Quilter's Choice as far as pattern went.

They were really fun to receive, never knowing what pattern would open up as I unfolded the squares. For anyone participating in next year's exchange, I highly recommend doing it that way.


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