Q: floor underlayment as shelf liner

eleenaApril 17, 2013

I have seen it mentioned several times as a cost-effective alternative to other shelf liners.

I know there is cork underlayment but I there are other kinds too, right?

As an underlayment is meant for floors, is it food-safe? Even though I am not putting food on it, I am still a little concerned about cooking utensils being in contact with.

Which one have you used and why?


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My mom has wound up using inexpensive vinyl flooring that she picked up as a remnant. She seems to be very happy with it - she says that it wipes clean easily and has been wonderful overall...haven't decided if I'm doing shelf liners through the entire kitchen, but will probably do something under the sink and on the shelves where I'll have cleaning supplies and maybe a few other places. Might explore the idea that my mom has since it seems to work really well for her.

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Thank you!

Any other thoughts?

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I don't have an answer, but cork is used as wine stoppers :-) I'd imagine if it wasn't treated it would be ok. Plus we have cork coasters and trivets.

I bet someone knows what to looks for. I was thinking of going that way too!

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For many years I have done the same as andreak's Mom....using remnants of vinyl flooring cut to fit. I love the durability but the big downside is that it curls on the edges sometimes very badly. I have even used clear tape to try to stop the curl (I tape it to the shelf) and it is so strong that it curls anyway!

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Is cork underlayment thick ? Is cork underlayment used under flooring to reduce noise ? Just curious.
The container store sells cork cabinet liners, they also have some nice reed/grass style liners if you have any open shelving.

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Underlayment comes in different thickness: 1/4", 1/2" etc.

Cork is fine by itself, I am just worried about added chemicals when processing. If it is anything related to food, there may be more stringent regulations - I'd hope.

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HollyRu - that's interesting about the curling issue. My mom doesn't have that happen in her cabinets that I've noticed. I'll have to ask her what she does/did to eliminate that.

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