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eleenaApril 26, 2013

I think this board gets more "traffic" than the Appliances forum.

I posted a question there (see link below) but it is not exactly an "appliance question" but more of a design or lifestyle question.

Could you please click on the link and give me your input (wither here or on that thread)?


Here is a link that might be useful: My oven size question

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I had a 27" for the last 20+ years. The was the size that was here when I bought the house, so resale wasn't a problem for me. But I am putting in a 30" in my remodel. I bake a lot and am looking forward to it. Baked a lot in 27" too.
I guess, my advice is --do what you thinks works best for you. If you need storage, get the size that saves room.

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Was that house in the US or Europe?

I know that 24" and 27" models are very popular in Europe. (Who there has the "real estate" for a 36" oven, right???)

And your screen name suggest you might be German. :-)

The widths difference between the 27" and the 30" ovens is not very noticeable. It is the height that might make the 27" one look "too small" for some buyers.

Perhaps, I am over-thinking it. I guess, in the worst case, I can replace it with a regular (inexpensive but new and shiny) 30" oven, when it comes to selling the house, and take my oven with me... LOL

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Bumping for the evening crowd...

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I would go for the extra storage, which is want you need now. You may never move, and if you do I don't know that a 27" would be a big deal breaker esp with the steam oven too.

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I *love* you folks for telling me what I wanted to hear! :-)

When we bought this house, it had a full-size oven which broke after three years of hardly being used but it was ~10 years old. I was not doing much entertaining at that time and never used it to full capacity, so to speak. It felt weird baking a small casserole in it.

However, because of the face frame for the new oven, there is no going back if I want to replace it later. That is why I am uneasy about deviating from the "standard".

That is why I would like to hear some arguments why I *should* go with the 30" oven.

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Go with the 30". We originally had 27" double ovens in our kitchen which was the standard size at the time. When those were on their last legs and needed replacing, we discovered there was a limited choice for 27" ovens and many of them were still a 1/4 to 1/2 inch bigger than the size of our wall cavity. We weren't planning an entire kitchen remodel and didn't want to have to change all of our custom kitchen cabinetry (impossible to replace or match) just because we needed new ovens. There ended up being exactly one brand of oven that worked. Fortunately, we liked it, but there are a lot more choices if you go with 30".

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Honestly, I would get the 27 in and the big drawer. 30in is too much real estate to sacrifice for resale concerns. If you won't use it a lot, get the drawer.

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Good point!

I had a similar problem when the appliance that came with the house broke one after another and the new appliances wouldn't fit in the openings. I lived - literally - with big "holes" in my cabinets for several years. So I knew better than having a 27" cabinet in this remodel, LOL.

My oven cabinet is 30" wide and has a 31" height "allowance" for a full-size oven so it would fit most 30" single ovens, regardless of country of origin. But I can put a smaller oven there by using a face-frame.


Yes, I feel the same way that a 30" drawer is too much to sacrifice for some elusive benefits, especially when I don't have enough drawers.

Well, I guess that's settled then.

Thank you, everyone!

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