8'x6' 3cm ganite w/ 15" unsupported ovehang?

rbenjaminApril 22, 2013

We are designing our kitchen island. The cabinetry is roughly 7'6" x 4'6". We are specing a 3cm granite counter - one slab.

The question is the overhang on one of the long sides is going to be a cabinet height bar front with four stools. Thus, one of the 7'6" sides will have a 15" overhang.

Again, the stone will be about 7'8" x 5'9", which includes a 1" overhang on three sides and a 15" overhang on one of the long sides.

We are getting conflicting recommendations regarding whether or not this 15" overhang needs to be supported.

Installer #1 - it needs legs
Installer #2 - it needs corbels or hidden L brackets
Installer #3 - it needs bars imbedded into channels cut into the bottom
Installer #4 - it normally would need support, but because the % of overhang is only about 17%, support is unnecessary

I do not want any visible support. Legs are absolutely out. I would prefer to avoid corbels because they do not fit our "look" and will be a knee-knocker. I would consider L brackets. imbedded bars sound like they remove as much strength as they add. Can I get away with no support at all?

3cm stone.


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You absolutely CAN NOT get away with no support at all! Unless you want a lawsuit on your hands when someone hops up onto the counter and it cracks.

Look at doing some type of invisible support. The steel embedded into the granite can work, as long as it's a T shape with a thin rib on the underside. Flat bar stock still flexes, and flexing is what you're trying to avoid. You should also check out the Counter Balance system that uses a cantilevered support. That is, if your cabinets are built strong enough to offer that support.

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rbenjamin, is there a wall behind your cabinets where the overhang will be, or just the finished backside of your cabinets? It there is no wall, there wouldn't be anywhere to hide "L" brackets and your only option for hidden support might be the imbedded steel. My neighbor has that set-up and she hasn't had any problems with it.

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I too struggled with this decision. We chose to go with a steel product called i-brace from Innotops. Both the granite and cabinet installers were very impressed! The link is below. There is also a YouTube installation video on their site that the cabinet guys found very informative. It was pretty comical to see all of us crowded around the laptop watching the video!

I emailed the company a few times with some questions and they were very helpful and prompt with their replies. Shipping was pretty quick to CA.

As it's my nature to go somewhat overboard in safety, we placed ours closer together than what was recommended so we ended up purchasing a few more brackets. Ours are placed about 14" apart with one being placed on each side of the corner seating overhang.

Here is a link that might be useful: Innotops i-brace

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