Broadway shows.

lily316May 13, 2013

What can you guys recommend? Ones you saw and really liked. One of my daughter's Mother's day gifts to me was a day trip on the train to NYC to see a play of my choice. She has done this in the past and we saw Wicked and Momma Mia. She has seen Phantom three times and loved it so much , she'd see it again. She mentioned Jersey Boys, Chicago. What about current ones? Is Book of Mormon good and is it still hard to get tickets. We will go on a Wednesday probably in June to see a matinee.

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My daughter has been to quite a few. I've never been to one. She adored Phanton.

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Jersyey Boys is rollicking good fun and you should be able to get tickets. I want to see Book of Mormon myself but I understand tickets are still really hard to get and very expensive. Chicago is good too but it's already been made into a pretty good movie. I've seen Phantom 3 times and liked it but wouldn't go again.

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We just returned from NYC and saw Book of Mormon. I enjoyed it, but you have to be aware there is some religious irreverence and also sexual commentary that could offend some people. It has a lot of comedy and moves along at a very quick pace. I don't know how difficult it is to get tickets, as we went with a large group and someone else purchased all the tickets.

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Not sure if Mary Poppins is running, but I heard that was an amazing show!

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I've heard people rave about Lion King for the costumes alone. I'm pretty sure it's still running.

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My daughter got tickets for Jersey Boys. Thanks for your advice.

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That's a good one. I don't even like the 4 Seasons and I really enjoyed the play. The set is very minimal, It's dramatic and quite effective.

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A friend and I have tickets to see Jersey Boys in Des Moines in August. In February we saw Book of Mormon with a group from church. We really enjoyed it and the language didn't bother me a bit. I have heard nothing but good things about Jersey Boys.

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I'd want to see Matilda I think. I think it would be great fun.

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Kinky Boots! Loved the film and the musical is outstanding.

Also, if its still playing The Nance with Nathan Lane. No wonder he won the Tony!

Also, the revival of Pippin is very good.

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what a wonderful gift...enjoy the jersey boys!

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This thread is eight months old, but I did enjoy Jersey Boys very much. I hope come Mother's Day, I get another gift like this. I love NYC and Broadway.

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