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jackier123June 19, 2013

A long while back, I started a blog and then did not do anything with it for a couple years. This week, I have made a goal to post at least a few times per week, mostly quilt related. I am in the process of blogging about some of my quilts and things now until some new news comes about. :) I do need to get one of my artsy friends to design a banner for the top. Until then, my flowers will have to do.


Here is a link that might be useful: My Blog

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Congratulations for making it to Mary Jo's in Gastonia. Now you see why we all fly into Charlotte and go there first before heading up to the mountains for retreat. It's a pilgrimage. And, they ship a big box home for me so I don't have to fly with it. Good job on the blog.

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I started a blog a while ago and then let it slide, too. Mostly I wanted to do it as an on-line record of my quilts. Maybe your post will inspire me to update mine too.

Very nice job on yours! And the flowers are pretty!

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Beautiful quilts Jackie!!!
And that dragon...Oh my!!!
Just this past weekend, I nattered at my daughter for not keeping up her blog. She lives across the country and this is how I know what is going on in her life (besides the phone calls).
Good luck with yours.

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Great job on the blog. And I love all the quilt. All have such a special meaning to them. I'm very envious of that long arm!!


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Fun to read! Love, love, love the pictures.

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Thanks for the link to your blog, Jackie. I have it marked in my favorites along with the other THS blogs that I know about. I check them out every so often and if there hasn't been any recent activity I figure they're either off on another jaunt, quilting like crazy, the kids are calling or life has gotten in the way.

That's an awesome dragon!


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I bookmarked your blog too. I love to see the quilts others are making. Nice blog!
Linda OH

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