RECIPE: Wizard/Anyone who can answer/Potato,Asiago Gratin

labmommaApril 6, 2007


I have been following/cooking your progressive dinner recipes. I made the Asiago, Potato Bacon Gratin for my family and loved, loved, loved it!

Can you give me the serving # for what you posted? I am having 14 for dinner on Easter. I am thinking I will need to at least quadruple the recipe posted.

Also, has anyone prepped this dish ahead and then cooked right before serving? Can it be done ahead without the potatoes turning brown?

Thanks so much!

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labmomma, you can figure 6 servings per 8" sguare pan...12 per 12X9 pan. Just depends on how many other sides and how many big eaters....

I have not needed to prepare ahead of time but I see no reason you couldn't, as the potatoes are cooked before it goes together, so I don't see why they would turn dark on's just raw that turns color when exposed to air.

Happy Easter! Glad you liked the recipe.


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