RECIPE: yummy California pasta (easy)

bela67April 30, 2008

package of tri colored spiral pasta

small package of pine nuts (up to you on size really)

2 medium tomatoes chopped

1 medium cucumber chopped

1 small red onion chopped

cup or so of olive oil

package of feta cheese, once again up to you on how much

put olive oil in a skillet and add the pine nuts heat them up until nice and golden, while this is going on and keep watch it happens fast once it starts boil the pasta, drain add all the chopped ingredients pour the olive oil and nuts on top and add feta cheese. this is good and better the second day and third. its addicting to me. as you can tell this recipe is easy to play with and the only thing that is a constant for me is the pasta, nuts and feta but i have added red bell pepper and black olives before even sun dried tomatoes are good in it.

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That sounds great, Bela! Thanks for posting it. I bet mozzarella pieces would be good too.

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A cup of olive oil? Sounds like an awful lot!


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I second Linda...Id definately cut back on that and wouldnt use EVOO..IMO too strong...just a thought but the recipe looks nice Thanks

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I probably exaggerated the amount on the EVOO really its just enough to cover the pine nuts to get them that golden brown. sorry! i have added shredded motz cheese or even the 3 cheese blend they have with assagio, motz and romano and its good.

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Thanks, Bela, this sounds good!

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