Where to look for Pottery Barn discontinued twin Fern bedding??

peegeeMay 5, 2013

Hello! Have fallen hard for a discontinued organic quilt set by Pottery Barn, and everyday check E-Bay to no avail....there are (overpriced) King and Queen sets, but no twin : (
are there any other online sources others use that I don't know about???

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PB has an Outlet. Is there one near you or maybe you can find out something online.

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Buy a King and make two twins from it.

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There is a twin duvet cover on eBay for $69.99 with free shipping.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pottery Barn Fern Organic Duvet Cover Twin NIP

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Well shoot, I just posted a long reply and it's gone, arrggghh.

You might check your local Craigslist and also a national "everywhere" Craigslist. I've had some luck with the everywhere one, but most people don't want to mess with mailing things.

If the link that my3dogs isn't the right duvet cover, I'd be glad to check around here (Houston).

If you find some other places to find discontinued things please let me know. I'm looking for a shower curtain from Pottery Barn and a duvet from The Company Store. You would think there'd be one shower curtain in the world that would be for sale,lol!

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Thanks everyone! I completely forgot about the possibility of outlets, so thank you so much, Patty! Unfortunately, I called them all this evening; no one has anything left, and hasn't for about 6 months. I've learned this was discontinued a year or more ago. : (
Live wire, if the kings were reasonable on Ebay, I would although I don't think my efforts would look professional, so would have to pay to have it done right, but recent listings have been for over $300., so, not going to happen, not to make a twin!
My3dogs, I SO wish that duvet would have worked, but that link is to a different pattern, which is a tight repetitive/all-over design. I've since learned that the one I love is called "Fern EMBROIDERED Organic Quilt" which has a largely open white quilted field sprinkled with a few random raised green embroidered fronds of various types. Who knows, even though it's not the right one, maybe I'll consider it if I can't locate the other. Gabbygirl, never thought about Craigslist. I'll check to see if I can find the national one you refer to, as that would give me the better chance, I think. I hope others may post deas which may turn out to be resources that might help you, also. Good luck with your search! Thanks!!!

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peegee, I looked at the Houston Craigslist and didn't find your style. I tried the national list, too, but I was having fits with internet explorer.

I'd put a link but I don't know how. It's called search tempest in case you can't find it.

I'm looking for a Pottery Barn organic Woodland's shower curtain, and The Company Store Bella quilt in a king if anyone can find it or have one to sell.

Good luck peegee, I'll keep checking for you for yours.

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Would you consider a similar one?

Here is a link that might be useful: Sturbridge Yankee fern quilt

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Wow, Bestyears! At first I didn't like the one you linked to as much as the one I'm looking for, but I keep going back...there is something about the more familiar fronds on the Pottery Barn one I like better, but yet yours has a creamier background that would go really well, is a LOT cheaper, the green scalloped edge is nice, and there's a sham and toss pillow etc. and is in stock! hmmmmmmmn....Thank you!!! Will seriously consider this

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