Selling solid wood marble top side table on CL - fair price?

kellienoelleMay 4, 2013

Hey all, we were given this table by my in laws and can't use it in our new house. Were thinking of either putting on Craigslist or taking to a consignment type place. But I know nothing about it, so what would be a fair price? How would you describe? in great condition by the way.

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Oh sorry - this was meant for a different forum, but I'll still take suggestions....

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No idea what it's worth, although a consignment shop will give you an idea. It's odd you post this... I have a very similar one that I'm going to sell for my uncle! (I'm clearing out their house & selling for them what has an value)

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I'd take it to a consignment shop first. Craigslist is great for some things, but there are many things to be careful for (scams, strangers coming to your house, dealers trying to low-ball you). And furniture is one of the awful categories.
I've been looking for stuff for my mom's new apartment and gave up. A "fiberglass" chest of drawers were those cheap plastic bins you pick up at a discount store for 1/2 of what they were asking. A "solid wood" table was veneer particle board. Fortunately, once you see the pictures you can see what you're getting before you drive all over town to be disappointed. Most of the stuff was cheap, well used, and being sold by used-furniture dealers (without saying so).
My point, however, is that people who are looking for a nice piece of furniture like that table of yours, will probably quickly give up on Craigslist and move on to a consignment shop. (We went to Ikea instead, but that's a different category altogether)

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