Polished Marble Backsplash

dorry2April 1, 2012

I plan to use a polished marble subway tile for a kitchen backsplash. SHould I be concerned with etching or staining? The tile guy said because it is polished and not porous, it should not be a problem with staining. This is a summer home that will not be used much, so I am thinking I can get away with it. I love, love the look. Bill Vincent and Mongo, appreciate your input and anyone else who might have a polished marble backsplash.

Also, there are no bullnose or finished pieces for the ends, and the tile fellow said they lay the marble vertically and use polishing pads and polishing kits where they polish the edges to make have them finished as a bullnose.

Your thoughts? Is the finished look something I will be happy with? Anyone have a picture of this finished product??

Thank you.

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Here is a picture of the marble tile.

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Just because it is polished, does not mean it will not stain or etch. (common misconception) It will still have to be sealed. Actually the etches are more noticeable on polished marble. I know a girl with polished carrara marble backsplash and it IS etched in a few spots.
I'd still get it though : )

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one thing to consider is where it will be. will there be marble behind the stove? marble is very porus and can suck up grease, could be hard to maintain. i have marble countertops and did not want marble backsplash behind stove for this reason. going with tile instead.

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Thanks, Fish and Bab. The backsplash will be behind a cooktop, but because this is a summer home, I will not be cooking very often. I love the clean look and would like to hear from folks who have a marble /bs and if they have any regrets.

I would think the etching would enhance or give a patina finish???? I am ready to just "go for it!" I have so many decision to make and need to move on! BUT, would love to see and hear from those who have a polished marble b/s!

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I have a polished marble mosaic tile, including behind my stove. Absolutely no regrets, I love it! I cook a lot, and I'm sure it's etched behind the stove, but I would have to examine it closely to see any.

closeup in corner

CLoseup behind stove

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Thanks so much, Sharonite! Your kitchen is beautiful! I love, love your bs! I saw the smaller marble in my local showroom and fell in love with the smaller tile. The subway tile I questioned in the post is for a summer home. I love the clean look of the marble and I can see the slight sheen in the picture.

I would guess you live in the Pacific Northwest???

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I just found this post. I looked at a random mosaic tile for my backsplash. Wasn't sure but after seeing your picture, I think I am going for it. The people in tile store thought I needed a row of stone or decorative strip so that it would pop . But I've been holding back , now I know why. You don't need it at all. I think your look is beautiful and anything more would just be too many lines. Then I thought maybe a pencil but they don't make it in polished only honed. Thanks so much for posting .

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I have a marble backsplash and loooove it! I also have it behind the stove- no issues at all with keeping it clean. The best part of the backsplash is the way light reflects off the surface- makes me very happy. Go for it- you won't regret it.

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Sharonite and MFN- beautiful backsplashes!
Can you please tell me who makes them and what you both used for countertops? I love the look of marble but not the upkeep so marble countertops are not for me but the backsplash may be doable if I knew what to pair it with!
I'd also love to see more of your kitchens. Did you post a final reveal on GW. If so can you please post the link?
Thanks for sharing.

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Both backsplashes are beautiful! Sharonite- please tell us the manufacturer and place you ordered yours from, it's exactly what I'm looking for. Also, what is your counter and is the white easy to keep clean? Thanks!

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Thanks Dorry. The perimeter counters are Caesarstone Blizzard (engineered quartz). It's very low maintenance. It occasionally stains when wine or frozen (thawing) berries spill and sit on the counter for a while, but stains are removed easily with a bit of Soft Scrub. The backsplash is called "white statuary calacatta polished, cascading waterfall mosaic". Any decent tile shop should have something similar.

My kitchen is in the Finished Kitchen Blog, with more details. The blog is a fabulous resource and it's searchable. I think there is a link in the sticky post on here, or you can google it easily. This is a picture from just after we finished the kitchen, before I had accesorized! It's not a great shot of the BS, which has a subtle sheen to it IRL. Good luck, you won't regret a beautiful maybe backsplash!

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Hi Sharonite,
thanks for your message. I have been to every tile shop in the Bay Area, and have not found this exact backsplash, or if I have, it's 45-50 sq ft, so I was hoping you could tell me where you sourced yours. AKDO carries a few that are similar, but are very expensive, and then a few other tile places have a custom person who does theirs, but they are also expensive. Any help on tile manufacturer and place you bought it would be so helpful! thanks!

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Hi Sharonite. I'd also love to have the exact info for your BS. Love it and thanks for the countertop info too.

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No problem. It's from the Tile Showcase in Watertown, Massachusetts. (www.tileshowcase.com). It's not on their website but I'm sure they would ship anywhere. The name on the packing slip is "white statuary calacatta polished, cascading waterfall mosaic". Make sure you ask them to send a picture of the current lot of it because it varies a bit. The sample in the store had more veining to it than the lot I got. I preferred less veining but if I hadn't seen a picture of the lot they had currently, before ordering, I might have been expecting something a bit different. Good luck and be sure to post if you get it (or whatever you end up choosing)!

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Thanks Sharonite

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Thanks so much!!!

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