RECIPE: southern fried cube steak

rustysgirl2mApril 7, 2007

Here's a simple dish.

beat 2 eggs in soup dish

in a second soup dish put a vigorous amount of bread crumbs

dredge steaks in eggs, than dredge in breadcrumbs

in a frypan cover bottom with vegetable oil, fry steaks on both sides (brown).

as a great addition to the steak take 2 cans diced (canned potatoes put in a well buttered fry pan vigorously sprinkle with papprika fry in pan until potatoes start to brown,mixing potatoes constatnly while cooking.approx 2 to 3 minutes.

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What's a cube steak? Is that the cut of meat or is it the name of the dish?

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Love southern fried steak. Always floured mine, and served with milk gravy.

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It's a cut of meat....tenderized by putting it through a "cuber". I thought it was a pretty iniversal term. I grew up on the east coast...we called it minute steak.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: Cube steaks

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Oh - I know minute steaks, maybe its a Jersey thing!

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Yes, we call them minute steaks too.(In college in Ohio I think they called it MYSTERY MEAT!) Someone on the food channel just made that..semi homemade??
My ques is do you still tenderize them before cooking? Sometimes they are a little tough. Beat them up more??

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elton brown did a show today (sat, 14) on cubed steak and its many names... ie, chicken-fried, country-fried, swiss, etc. He also rated some gadgets for cubing your own ... should be on again soon (Show # EA1004)

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