LOOKING for: really strong corn tasting corn bread


I am looking for a recipe for corn bread that has a strong corn taste to it. Not added corn ,but I believe the cornmeal used, I know my Aunt used to bring it up here in a sack from Georgia it did not have a name on it because she saved the sacks and I have some of them. my Grand mother used to make it ,but she has since passed away and she never cooked with a recipe or wrote anything down. I used to request this corn bread and nothing else but some butter. She made it in a cast iron skillet and it was dense but not like the cement I have been making! Oh I also remember her putting buttermilk in it too, but thats it!

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The best corn meal comes from a farmer who raises corn for feed.....but in the past several years, that is not safe for human consumption due to the possibility of residual pesticides....so if you can find a farmer who raises field corn organically and will dry some out for you and you can grind it....youw ill ahve the best corn meal you ever ate.
next best is to find some whole grain stone ground corn meal....I would tell you where but since my last source dried up, I am still looking.
Linda c

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A POX on insipid, de-germed, commercial cornmeal products.

Mill your own cornmeal for the best flavor. When it comes to wholegrains, freshly-milled is always the best and most flavorful!!! It's a WHOLE different wonderful corn-flavored experience, and it smells heavenly during baking. Or try Bob's Red Mill Cornmeal, which contains the germ and bran, unlike most commercial cornmeal products. Be sure to store it in the freezer since it is wholegrain, to slow down the germ oil going rancid.


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Hodgson Mill cornmeal is my favorite. Much prefer it to Bob's Red Mill brand, which is what I had to buy last time because I couldn't find Hodgson Mill. The HM product seems more moist & I like the texture better than BRM.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hodgson Mill

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This is a grainery in North Georgia where you can get the cornmeal you want. They also have speckled grits and other grains that I send to friends around the country.

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