Copper or zinc? Which one do you like better?

deedlesApril 6, 2013

Still farting around with finishing touches and decided to explore the possibility of DIY countertops. Cost is a factor and although I do really like the dreamy marfil Caeserstone, my gut tells me that it will be more than a couple bucks. So. Loving Circuspeanut's copper counter and Angie's copper fridge led me to think about a DIY countertop.

The chunk of counter & BS on the left of the stove is supposed to represent zinc and to the right is obviously copper. Plus I have the copper apron sink with the patina on the front. Would a copper counter be too much of a good thing? DH likes the copper because it's warmer vs. the cooler zinc. I like both but am not sure if I'd be either overkilling the copper or messing it up with another metal (chrome stove top, SS fridge).

There will be a copper sheet on the wall behind the stove and range hood for sure, so that's a done deal.

AND.... I hope that this kitchen remodel will be starting in the next month too!! We're getting really close to the tear out and that's feeling kinda exciting. I sent a letter to the Amish folks that did Badgergals lovely curvy kitchen and am waiting to hear back from them. A lady that I work with had the exact same people do her cabs and I just stopped over there today to check them out.. very nice. She got a great price, too.

Anyway... copper or zinc or neither? Thoughts?

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I am thinking too much copper (as pretty as it is) with your exquisite sink.
I am assuming those are your pulls - they look like Baldwin Brass Antique Brass - which adds another color to the mix...
And that stove is gorgeous!!

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My vote is for copper. It's a really warm look and I think it give the kitchen a move cohesive look than adding another metal to the mix. Keep in mind your counters wouldn't be shiny copper like they are in your picture. They would end up looking more like the finish on the inside of your sink. Try to picture Circuspeanuts counter in your kitchen rather than the shiny copper.

I do have to say that the finish on your Rachiele sink is going to change once it is installed and being used. It will look so much richer once you've been using it.

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Hey deedles, was wondering if you got the email I sent with the Amish cabinet makers info. Glad to read you contacted them. Hope they aren't too back logged. They are worth waiting for.
Zinc or copper counters are both pretty cool. But if it were my space, with all the other elements you have, I think I would not go with either. I think your copper sink and the copper behind the stove are the wow factor elements. That wow might be lost if you do copper countertops too. The way I picture it the zinc just wouldn't look right.
Hopefully the Amish guys will give you such a good price that there will be money left in the budget for that Ceasarstone you like. It would look fantastic with all your other elements.
Good luck with your decision.

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Stone would be my first choice, copper second, and zinc not in the running, although I love all three. I agree that you do not need to introduce another metal and that more copper may dilute the effect of your hood, splash, and sink. You are going to love that wonderful kitchen, no matter what you choose! Is there a Danby-type marble with a pale greenish vein?

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I could see a nice little chunk of butcher block there ...or soapstone? both warm, natural, and complimenting your other beautiful elements. Love the stove! edit sorry I mis read and thought you were going with copper on the right, and looking for something on the left of the range only :)

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a2: Point taken on the too much factor. I don't want to dilute the sink and panel behind the stove, as kitchendetective pointed out. As for the pulls, I like them but am not at all decided on pulls or knobs or style/finish yet. I just didn't bother to crop the pic :). I do like those curved pulls, though.

Pooh: if we decide to go DIY with metal, it seems that copper would win over zinc. I guess we'll have to wait and see how the final $$ work out. Could always live with plywood countertops and save up, too for some ceasarstone. I do like Peanuts lovely patina'd counters.

Badger: Oh, I never wrote you back to say thank you! I'm sorry... duh. Thank you. :) I'm excited to hear back from them and as far as backlogged goes, I asked them if I could get penciled in on their waiting list. Anyway, with this being DIY, I think we probably wouldn't be ready for cabinets before 6 months from now, lol. I'm also having them do an estimate on built in closets and the LR entertainment wall/bookshelves/window seats. I was amazed at the price they gave my friend from work... it was 10 years ago but still.. if the price was double what they paid it was not bad. Pretty amazing, actually.
Guess we'll have to wait and see what the finances say before making the final decision on counters.

kitchendetective: I'd love to see a marble with green in it but I haven't thus far. I have to be so careful though as my sink is very particular about what works. (such a demanding sink!) Anything with a strong pattern or speckling or movement doesn't seem to look good. I am very excited to see this kitchen take shape! I hope it turns out IRL as good as it looks in my head!
Ctycdm: I am considering having an area of butcher block set into the counter top to the left of the sink, actually. DH might nix that one but we'll see. Soapstone, while beautiful is a bit darker than I'd want to go in this kitchen. Thanks for weighing in!

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Deedles- Hope I'm not too late, to add to this post. I love those copper open shelves! The copper counter top might be too much, but those shelves are beautiful.

I second butcher block (or even a little darker stain, to pick up the wood walls in the porch) but by the range, not the sink. I think you should keep a light counter top by that lovely really set it off :)

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Hey Lav! I was thinking about you just a couple days ago and wondering where you had gotten off to... hope all is well with you these days.

Funny, your suggestion is pretty close to what I've been pondering lately... keeping a chunk of a light colored something around the sink and then having butcher block on the rest of it. Also pondering painted lower cabs as DH is starting to want hardwood floors instead of cork now and I'm afraid to have too much wood in there. Just trying to let it all unfold to see how things look before I make any big decisions. The kitchen is apparently slated for demo this month. *sigh*

Either way, it's nice to see your name show up in GW again!

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Deedles- You might be doing demo this month? That's great! No sighs allowed, though (LOL)

Have you considered a stone/tile floor? Maybe something dark that looks good with the wood cabinets...and the sink and range? That seems rather craftsman and it would give you a nice contrast with your copper and butcher block, too.

Now, let's get excited about that kitchen! It's beautiful and you're going to love it :)

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Both ours backs (and recently my right knee) have voted no to tile or stone floors in the main areas. May be doing a slate in the entry but I'd prefer something softer in the kitchen.

i am excited about the kitchen but this remodel is taking such a toll on DH's back that I'm more worried if he's going to make it through. He'll have some help occasionally but refuses to hire in more than for the stuff he hates, like drywall. Nobody works up to his standards, he says. (true, too)

I'm still a fan of cork as my first option so I'm still lobbying for that...esp. when I see how nice Williamsems kitchen floor looks!

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