ceiling fan oops!

juleecatMay 27, 2012

Great room has 20' high ceiling....ceiling fan was installed by builder. Guess what....we neglected to purchase one with a remote control! Yikes. How in the world do we add a remote kit? There is no way to lean a ladder up-would need a reallllly big step ladder! Live and learn................

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You can put a control at the light switch.

Here is a link that might be useful: ceiling fan control switches

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Yes, like Natal says, a control switch can be added to the wall at the light switch, but if your fan is just a basic fan with pulls, there is also a part in the kit that needs to be installed in the fan as well. If I remember correctly, it goes under the base and fan has to come down to install it. When we were considering that option, I saw the kits available at Lowe's.

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thank you...we have 2 switches on the wall-one for the fan, and one for the light. With this 90+ degree weather, we thought, hmmm, turn up the speed on the fan....oh, we can't cuz we can't reach the pull! :) We rarely use the light fixture....but the air movement is nice. Just wondering if there is another way to control the fan speed without actually having to install anything 20 feet overhead. I know....call an electrician...just seems like overkill! :0

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A really long pull chain...:-)

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A ceiling fan up that high would likely add little air movement to the living level of the home, unless it was a pretty powerful fan.

I guess the other question is, do you even know if the fan HAS speeds?

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Hopefully the fan has a long down rod otherwise Les would be right.

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If you just need to operate the pull, the pull probably has bead chain that can be extended with a connector and another length of chain -- add a new decorative pull if you want. You will still need a ladder to get it put up there, but I'd call the builder and have the guy who installed it come back out. That's one of those things they should have either addressed or at least commented on and asked if you would need a pull to change the speed while they were up there.

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