QOTD: Do you have a successful way of makine 1/4 sq. triangles?

nanajayneJune 18, 2011

1/4 squre triangles are very difficult for me using the sq. cut twice diag. I try so very hard to make them right but always seem to have some that just are not the correct size. I wish more patterns would use an different method. eg. a strip using a ruler.

Any suggestions. Jayne

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Some day maybe I will learn to type and spell.lol

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We don't care if you can type or spell. The sewing is all that matters in this world!

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Jayne, I always go by the finished size of the block for both the HST and the QST. Cut one inch larger for HST and 1 1/2" inch larger for the QST. That works for me. I have to trim a trifle, but better that than being too small.


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I do what Sharon does - I'd rather cut a skosh larger, sew a very scant 1/4" seam allowance, pay attention to the center intersection, and trim carefully.

I use a square ruler with a diagonal line. I make sure the block center intersection is right where it should be on the ruler, and the diagonal line is right on the seam line. Trim 2 sides, rotate the block and trim the last 2 sides.

It is a bit more time consuming, but I like my accuracy doing it this way.

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I use the Eleanor Burns templates for triming the 1/2 or 1/4 squares... two cuts and you are done, comes out perfect every time.

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I like to trim while they're still in a triangle shape, too. Once you get the gist of it, a special ruler or template is not needed.

SharonG/FL-IN (4 more days)

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That is how I do mine, too. I also starch them really well. I'd rather trim and be accurate, than have to redo most of them.


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How do you trim while still a triangle? I can't figure out where to line up the ruler for the correct size. Please share.

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I have the same problem as mago- I can't determine the size the tri is needed to be from sq.. I have no problems with 1/2 sq. tri and usually cut lg. and sq the pc..
Sometimes they are odd sizes eg. 3/8- 7/8; even 15/16 with some of those in Sylvia's blocks. Thanks for the imput. jayne

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Using a corner of a ruler, put it at the top of the triangle and count down to the seamline.....if you're making a 3 1/2" unfinished square, line up the seamline on the 3 1/2" mark and follow it over to the other side. I actually line it up a thread more to give room for pressing open. If you have a square ruler with a line from corner to corner, you can use that line when trimming QSTs. I'm not very savvy with math terms so if anyone wants to 'edit' this using terms that most people understand, help yourself. @:)

Hope this is understandable.

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If I'm doing 1/2 square triangles I don't cut them larger than needed; the 7/8th extra works for me and they come out OK. But I do cut my quarter square triangles a bit larger (1.5") than called for and cut them down. Especially if they are coming out to be fairly small squares, like 3". But I think any method that works for you is OK, no matter what the pattern suggests. If you like using the strip/ruler method, then that's what you should use.


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