What to tip movers?

JamieMay 23, 2011

Moved out of two stories plus basement into 3 storage rooms with specific items going into specific rooms. One room is drive up, the other two are inside on the first floor and you have to walk to them. Average amount of furniture, 200 + boxes, odds and ends at the last.

3 movers, employees or contracters of a local moving company, which supplied a 24 foot truck, which they drove to the storage facility 6 miles from the loading location. Two additional loads with a second, smaller truck, which we provided.

They arrived at 8:30 A and finished about 7:15 P.

They did a good job. They shrink wrapped as requested and were nice and worked hard and steadily.

What should the tip have been?

Just wondering.

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$20 to each mover.

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I also tip $20 per mover for a job well done.

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I must admit that it has never occurred to me to tip movers. We've always just paid what the moving company charged.

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I don't think a tip is necessarily expected, but seeing those workers bust their asses while being careful, polite, and courteous and knowing they are paid peanuts for their efforts is why I tip. I personally hand each man a $20 when I thank him and shake his hand. I don't necessarily trust the whole tip amount to be equally distributed if I give it to one guy.

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We gave $50.00 each. They moved us into a Townhouse (3 stories) during a snow storm. Couldn't get the truck down our driveway due to snow and had to carry 10 room house up the driveway.

They deserved more!


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I agree with Jane. We tipped 3 guys $50 each and I thought it was well deserved. I could tell it wasnt the norm, they were beyond appreciative. These guys make minimum wage or close to it. I couldnt imagine working 12 hours of back breaking work for less than $100. Tip them what you would want to be tipped to do that job.

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I usually use around 10% of the cost of the move divided among the workers.

Maybe some extra if they did not complain about the heavy tools.

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$50.00 each, $75.00 for the driver who worked more. For one recent inter-state move, we treat them lunch as well.

We were glad they did all the hard work for us.

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Azmon, you reminded me we also treated them to lunch. They were great. It was such an exhausting move.

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I tipped the 5 guys that moved me $20 each. The move to the new house was only 3 miles away, and they spent about 7 hours for the move. There were no stairs for them to climb. It was a really simple move. One guy I would have preferred not to tip at all, but you can't do that when all 5 of them are there looking at you. The one guy was a young kid who kept showing off how tough he was by lifting things on his own when he really should have accepted help. This backfired on him (and me) when he dropped a leather loveseat on the driveway, scuffing up one of the wooden feet, and scuffing up the leather on the back of the chair. I guess could have called the moving company and complained, but I didn't want to get the guy fired.
Actually, 2 or 3 of them were competing with each other to see who could lift the most - but he was really the worst. Even though I did appreciate their help, and even though I did tip them - I will also never hire them again or reccommend them. They were nowhere near as professional as I had expected.

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I tipped my movers $50.00 each and provided them with pizza and cold lemonade.

They were extremely hard workers and didn't break a single thing, including a baby grand piano.

I regret not giving them more.

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Hi. I also tip people who deliver my appliances. I have investment properties, so I buy appliances somewhat frequently. On a delivery of a fridge, for example, I'd tip each guy at least $10, sometimes $20 if it's a sweltering day. I can afford to pay these delivery guys well (they seem to always be guys), and so I like to.

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I think $50 is a great tip for a full day's heavy labor. Buying them lunch, supplying them with snacks and refreshments also ensures they take care of your stuff.

Heck, when you consider you tip the food server 15% just for refilling your glass and carrying that SUPER HEAVY PLATE, least you can do for these guys.

For all of you tipping $20 for such heavy labor....wow. Cheapskate much?

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Last time we moved from a 2-bedroom apartment to our first house (same state), we were prepared to tip the movers $40 each, in addition to lunch + drinks. The mover, who was in charge, said we should tip at least $60 each. Oh well, we are not going to hire them again.

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