BIG problem with Laticrete permacolor grout!!

chris45nyApril 26, 2010

Floor tile Crossville strong series beige-we really like this tile. Designer at tile store recommended Laticrete permacolor grout, color #52 toasted almond-she said it may be a little darker than the sample stick and picture. We said that's fine. Order comes in and we pick it up. DH starts laying the tile which is how we envisioned it-beautiful! Now it's time to grout. DH has done tile work before so no novice. He carefully follows instructions on the box and grouts inside the pantry and the spaces for the stove and refrigerator as I'd like them out of the middle of my floor. OMG-the grout is almost white-what happened. Call the tile store-they say come in with grout and piece of tile. We drop these off-the guy has called Laticrete. He is going to do a test himself to see if we did something wrong??? Return to tile store next day and OMG the test shows a very pale almost white-not what we envisioned for the grout. We compare this test blob to sample stick-like day and night. Guy said Laticrete will pay for us to have Aqua Mix Pro Enhance N Set. It will hopefully darken the grout.

Lesson learned-do a sample board yourself before doing the whole project like we did!!

This is the Laticret chart-toasted almond is the bottom one.

This is test done by tile store. Grout on right is the pale, sick looking toasted almond. Left half of this blob of grout is how is should look after the Aqua Mix Enhance goes on. Just another thing DH has to do. He is not a happy camper!!

This is the floor DH installed with the toasted almond grout showing color we are not happy about.

This is the same floor but wet. The grout looks ok when wet. We could live with this. Tile guy said this is how our floor will look after we apply the Aqua Mix Enhance. Fingers crossed!!

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Don't panic yet! We bought this grout, don't remember which color, something beige, it practically glowed white, I was hysterical. 24 hours later, it looked just like the sample card. By then I had returned a half empty bag, had a long discussion with tile dept. person of big box store about how "off" the colors were from the swatch, chose a darker color, and tried again. Thank goodness we did a test in a hidden spot. How long has it been?

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It's been about 24 hrs. I really think this is not going to change to dark like the sample stick. Otherwise, why wouldn't Laticrete just tell us to wait?? They did pay for the enhancer which hasn't been applied yet. Going to wait until this coming weekend for that. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will be ok in the end. Thanks for your advice-was your grout Laticrete permacolor??

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I had exactly the same thing happen to me with that brand. It has been over 1 year and my laundry room is nowhere NEAR the sample color. I chose a new color.

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nkkp-Wow, that's good to know it's not just me. I think I'm going to return the Laticrete permacolor grout that is unopened-intended that (natural gray) for our backsplash but now thinking best to go with another brand. Thanks for your info!!

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It's not the brand....
Water, etc throws off grout color.

I would do a test tile sample with grout and enhancer, and SEE how your results will look.

I went through 5 boxes of grout till I found the right one.
Same chips just out you in the ballpark..

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In my picture showing the tile with the glob of grout in the center-that was done by a tile pro. So he got the same result as we did. At first DH thought maybe he over washed, etc. but no-it's that the color isn't anything like the sample stick-not even close.

IMO you shouldn't have to go through 5 boxes of grout color. This box of grout color cost $47.16. No way am I spending $250 on grout to get the "correct" color!! I understand there will be some variations-won't perfectly match the sample picture and stick but it should be somewhat close.

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IME, the color is close but never truely on target...
Kinda like paint sample chips and how they will LOOK different depending on what room they are in.

And yes, it's a god awful lot to spend on color but would you rather put it all in, hate in and then have the fun job of slowly removing grout lines to redo it.

YMMV, but I would rather spend the $$ upfront, make sure the color is on target than the latter...

It's trial and error. Maybe the 2nd box is the trick. Maybe the 1st box in Mapei is the trick.

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chefwong-Is there a brand of grout that would more closely look like the stick sample or the picture that would be better than the Laticrete?? If anything, we were told to expect the toasted almond grout to be DARKER than the sample pieces!! You mentioned Mapei. Is that something you've used with fairly accurate results?? I don't expect the grout IRL to exactly match up to the store sample pieces but somewhat similar would be fine.

You're right-definitely don't want to have to remove all the grout. So hoping the enhance stuff they gave us will do the trick. If not, luckily DH has a machine/tool that easily removes the grout. Will repost after we've applied the enhancer with results because Laticrete appears to be a popular brand. Wonder if we just got a bad batch???!!!

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DH applied the Aqua Mix Enric'N'Seal several days ago and it really works!! Just wanted to give an update as several GWers have e-mailed me with problems like I had at first with a grout way lighter than the sample stick color. Here are the pictures. First is the floor before the enhancer/sealer was applied. Grout way lighter than we wanted.

This is the floor when wet. You can see how the grout darkens up.

This is the floor after the Aqua Mix has been applied. Much better. We like it!

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Good to know,I had the exact same problem with that grout. I may give that a try.

Thanks for posting the results.

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didn't check this forum before trying to lay grout. I have two bags of the same color grout, Permacolor #2540 Latte. Mixed both on a tile and the difference was huge. One looked white and the other a light brown. I think I see the issue, the inability to consistently mix colors evenly from batch to batch. I am involved in the rubber business so I understand mixing of materials, to reduce mixing time and increase output, the mixing is not sufficient.

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