Help with Quoizel (?) chandelier

artydecorMay 6, 2013

I was poking through Homegoods today, when I found a chandelier very similar to the ones I've been eyeing on Pottery Barn. A plastic bag sealed with tape held the hardware and directions. It had a Quoizel tag attached, which I figured was an indication of good quality.
When I got it home and opened the bag, I found a Home Depot canopy and the card it came on. Also a smaller bag containing installation hardware. I've contacted Quoizel CS to see if they can send me the right canopy.
It's occurred to me someone might have pulled a switcheroo and put a Quoizel tag on a different chandelier before returning it. If you have a Quoizel chandelier or lamp, do they have a logo or mark anywhere other than the tag? I've looked for images online, but this style is discontinued.
I'm so suspicious.

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My daughter's Quoizel has a nut which attaches to the canopy inscribed with the words Quoizel.


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If the canopy you have goes with the fixture, does it matter? If not, wait to see if the manufacturer can send you the right one or shop for another. Or return it. Sometimes things wind up at HomeGoods because they have 'issues" and couldn't be sold at full price elsewhere. Doesn't really matter how it got that way. You deal with it or don't buy it.

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Ha! My instincts were correct!
I contacted Quoizel for a canopy, hardware, and installation instructions, and got them today.
Quoizel is a wonderful company. I told them I bought the chandelier at Homegoods, it is a discontinued style, and they still found the parts and mailed them to me free of charge- within three days of my call.
The missing pieces are a different finish, and the illustration in the instructions shows a completely different chandelier. Someone must have looped the Quoizel tag onto this chandelier, wrapped up the junk to go with it, and brought it in for a return. It eventually made its way to Homegoods. It happens. :(
So back to HG with the chandelier, and back to Pottery Barn for me.

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