RECIPE: Don't want Easter dinner to get too far away. . .

chery2April 17, 2007

I read through all the ham dinner sides. They all sound wonderful, and I certainly won't wait until I serve a ham to try them.

I wondered why no one posted this super-easy favorite:


1-2 bunches fresh asparagus

Good Seasons dry Italian dressing mix w/ these changes:

No water

Use red wine vinegar


Add honey mustard to taste

Add minced garlic

After washing and breaking asparagus, arrange spears on a large plate in wagon-wheel fashion. Drizzle dressing over asparagus. Microwave for 3 minutes on high, more or less, depending in your oven and desired crispness.


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3 questions:

1. How much red wine vinegar?

2. What is EVOO? How much EVOO?

3. I am guessing that the Good seasons dry italian dressing is mixed with the red wine vinegar and the EVOO? along with the honey mustard and minced garlic, and then sprinkled on the asparagus?

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bnicebkind, I can tell you that EVOO is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The rest I can't help you with. :-)


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Apologies for vagueness. I guess I should've said "to taste" for all the ingredients. I totally winged it according to my own sweet/sour preference. I used a Good Seasons bottle to put ALL ingredients in, shook it up, and drizzled it on the asparagus.

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