RECIPE: Fear of entertaining/cooking for others. Solutions?

bnicebkindApril 18, 2007

Please refer to post on entertainment forum...For those of you who love to cook, do any of you have a fear/phobia of entertaining/cooking for others in your home who are friends or acquaintances? For those who have overcome such a fear, how did you do so? Please answer on entertainment/cooking forum.

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I think this probably has been answered at Entertaining so I'll just put my answer here. I don't fear serving people food. Everyone I entertain is a friend & I often don't use tried & true recipes. Most of the time they turn out well.

Friends are not going to hate you or make fun of you if something doesn't turn out well. Don't get too complicated & do recipes that can mostly be made ahead until you're more comfortable. Anyone who gives you a hard time over something that doesn't turn out too well is not anyone you want to have anything to do with anyway, right? Would you do that to someone else? I didn't think so.

Simple recipes prepared with good ingredients won't be snubbed, just don't do anything over your head until you're more confident.

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I agree with what Ginger said........when we first started entertaining a friend of mine told me to invite only people I wanted to have in my home and at first, make things you have made before and are confident in making. After a few times, I started trying new recipes on company and never had a problem. It can be fun or it can be a chore.....whatever you make it.

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