LOOKING for: easy rigatoni recipe?

chery2April 28, 2008

I already have the sauce w/ sausage made. Now I boil the pasta, cool, and stuff w/ sausage, cover w/ cheese? Am I missing something?


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Don't think so. I cover mine when I bake it.

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chery, not exactly sure what you are trying to achieve but any stuffed pasta should have sauce on it before baking or it will be horribly dry, even with cheese.

You need to stuff the pasta (rigatoni, bless you dear you are more patient than I! )then cover the stuffed pasta with a layer of sauce then top with cheese before baking.

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Thanks all. I read two recipes on the bag of a bag, and two more on the back of a box. Neither said anything about stuffing. So I didn't. Ended up mixing cheeses and sausage sauce and sour cream [don't like ricotta] and some of my fresh basil w/ cooked pasta, covering it, and baking it. Turned out ok, I guess. DH said he thought the stuffing was for bigger pasta -- like Ziti? Don't think I'll make it again. Would rather use good sauce w/ spaghetti or lasagne.
For dessert, I made a chocolate-pudding pie. It had plenty of time to set up, but. . . didn't. Used 1% milk. Could that be the reason? What should I do now with the gloppy chocolate mess? I couldn't use dry milk in it, could I? Chocolate crumbs? Cereal? It was instant pudding, so I couldn't re-cook it. Any ideas?

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I don't know how you would stuff ziti? Maybe manicotti, not sure, I think you maybe could layer all including sauce and cover with foil and bake till bubbly, then add cheese to the top uncovered and bake until the cheese is melted. Now the pudding pie, how much milk did you add to the pudding mix. For a pie you don't use as much as you do for pudding. It usually tells the amount on the side of the box. Scrape out the pudding and fold it into Whipped Topping maybe? Or just spoon and eat. Hope it turns out well for you. Let us know.


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Thanks for the pie solution, Sue. I took the chicken's way out and FROZE the blasted thing. It has the almost exact consistency of a fudgesicle. It's barely edible, but w/ the nuts and choc chips, my GDs will LOVE IT!

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