Help with staging a kid's bathroom?

TexasJenMay 19, 2013

We're planning to list our house Wed/Thurs of this week, and start showings Saturday, so I'm looking for any last minute staging advice.

I'm starting with the kid's or guest bathroom. A bit of background: our home is a 3 bed, 2.5 bath, 1800 sqft (including small finished basement). In our area, this is a starter home, so things like the laminate counter top is still okay. Not a plus per se, but it shouldn't be a big hit, either.

Anyway, any advice for things I should change? I've still got to work on scrubbing the bath crayon off part of the tub, and I'll be removing the over-the-door towel rack, too (though I'm not sure you can see that in the pictures anyway).


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I'm not sure how to post more than 1 picture per message; I've got 3 pics total.

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Last one :)

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Sophie Wheeler

Take down the tracks and shelf above the toilet and replace it with an inexpensive toilet topper. You can find one for less than $100 at a box store. It will hide quite a lot behind doors instead of out in the open. Edit the stuff that clutters the bath area. I'd also suggest painting. The white is a bit sterile. A really soft yellow would go with the blue accessories and not fight with the oak. Something like SW Iviore.

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I was going to say the same. The shelves really detract for me.
Also, get a live plant, maybe an orchid, for the vanity top. That bundle looks about 15 yrs old? At least in the pics.

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I don't mind the shelves. I would just put more spa like things on them. Since this is a starter home, I would make this bathroom more neutral. Paint the walls and get a different shower curtain. Although what you have is cute, I think a different vibe will show the bathroom off better.
I'm not one for the "child's bathroom " look and never did this for my kids. Take this with with a grain of salt though :)

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I would get rid of the fake flowers (even if real, that spot is too cramped feeling), get a neutral shower curtain, and get rid of the tub toys. It you have money and time, painting would be nice, but if not, change the curtain and have your soap,shampoo hidden OR get items that match the shower curtain.

It's never going to be a "spa" bath without a reno, so don't try too, too hard. Just make it look like a clean, neutral, blank slate for the potential buyer.

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I don't love the shelves, but I think those "toilet toppers" make any bathroom look very crowded and would be a worse look. Agree that you may want to paint the room, but if this is a starter home, presumably your buyers will also have young children too. Maybe corralling the toys in a single basket?

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That counter top is very small, so I'd have only what is absolutely necessary on it--say just the liquid soap.

Anything on the shelves should be pretty to look at--a nicely folded stack of towels, other items corralled into attractive baskets or bins.

Limit the number of bottles of stuff visible. Hide them as much as possible behind the closed shower curtain for showings. Keep just the absolute minimum of tub toys in the room, and stash them behind the shower curtain when buyers are coming. Yes, they'll look behind the curtain. But their first impression of the room won't be, "Oh, this is small with no storage. Look at all the clutter!"

You have what I'd consider a normal amount of bathroom stuff visible, but because it is all brightly colored and the bathroom is plain white, it's very noticeable. Remove as much as possible from the room, then store things under the sink or in baskets/bins on the shelves as much as you can.

If you remove the shelves, you'll have to patch and paint the holes. If you go that route, you might as well paint the whole room. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother--it's clean, it's white, it looks pretty move-in ready.

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I don't mind the shelves either. I think they would look nice with bright towels rolled/folded on them. Maybe a basket to keep other things in on one of the shelves (like the one on the top shelf but with taller sides). The towels and the basket would add color.

I agree with whomever said to keep only the liquid soap on the counter.

For simplicity, I would keep a small plastic storage bin in the bathroom and then on the day of showings - toss everything that would be behind the shower curtain into the box and put it in the car when you leave. You can put it back later in the day. I know that the kids want their bath toys and if the house doesn't sell immediately, there will be a lot of baths taken while its on the market. It would take about 2 seconds to clear the tub out before a showing.

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My concern with the shelves is that it looks like it would be easy to drop stuff into the toilet. I don't think they look that bad otherwise. I like the basket you have on the top shelf. I'd put ones just like it on the other two shelves as well and corral stuff in there.

A realtor told she always rolls her towels for home showings. I've tried it and I think it does look better.

Here is another vote for getting rid of the flowers. They don't add to the look of the room.

I like your shower curtain. I think it is cute. Many of us with kids do have a kid themed bathroom so I don't think it is a detractor. The flower pictures on the wall don't go with the cats and dogs. I'd pick one theme or go neutral. I'd also hang a towel on the rack that goes with the color of whatever theme you use.

This may just be me, but I don't like the racks that go over the shower head to hold shampoo and conditioner. I think crowded whenever I see them. Just for the time being until you sell, I would put the shampoo under the sink so it is out of sight. I'd get a small laundry or other draining type basket to hold all of the toys in one container. I used a use a huge plastic colander.

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De clutter. Dump the flowers on the sink and keep only one soap dish or dispenser. Put away all the toys, toothpaste, etc. Get rid of the in-shower shelves. Put all that stuff away or in a reed or wicker type basket, a very small basket. The shelving above the toilet is ok if you buy one or two colors of lush towels and set them all folded up on that shelving like at a spa. Hang matching ones on the towel rack. Do not use the towels on the shelf and hopefully on the rack; they are your decor. Buy a coordinating, hotel look type, not a cutesy, cloth shower curtain. I think the important thing is that a bathroom needs to be scrubbed so that it is pristine, and it seems spacious with no clutter. The white paint helps with the clean look.

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For the MLS photos, remove everything possible and add folded (colorful) towels where appropriate.


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just get rid of all the toys, put towels on the shelves above the toilet (unless there is another place to store towels - then remove the shelves), and leave the clutter off the sink area. A soap is fine, I prefer a bar :)

Good luck with your sell Texas :)

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Thanks for all the advice! I took away the flowers/vase, pump soap, and all the kid stuff. Added a green plant on the middle shelf, and a silver bowl with rolled up washcloths on the bottom shelf.

We had 2 days of showings, and got an over-asking price offer! So excited to be under contract already! :)

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Congratulations - that's fantastic!

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Way to go!!

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Great job!! I think you made a good choice--people like "fun" rooms but they are usually too taste specific when you are selling. Most people prefer to see little hints of luxury in a bathroom, even if its just an average bath.

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