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grammypJune 4, 2013

We got the dead bar and crank handle on the frame, got it leveled and it is ready to go now. The grands helped me move the storage boxes back under the frame. Next I need to rearrange the shelves, but that will be a work in progress. Here are some pics of the room in progress.

Frame with storage underneath.

Dead bar and crank handle.

View from behind frame toward windows and sewing tables.

View from windows toward frame.

Not gonna show the pile of fabric outside in the hall.


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Wish mine looked so neat! It's lovely.

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Oh how I wish I had room for shelves like those!! How organized I could be with shelves! Of course, a room that size would help me a bunch too!

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I think you need more fabric ~LOL~
Pretty room! Enjoy!!!

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I love my shelves, they came with the house and I have really enjoyed them. The previous owner used the room as an office and library. He was our preacher and used the office for counseling. I do wish they were about 3 inches deeper, but not going to complain.

That is about half my fabric on the shelves. I gotta get the photo's scanned and off the shelves, and some of the other shelves re-organized. I found a box of patterns I had printed years ago and haven't looked at since, so I tossed them. I'm sure there are a lot of things that can just go away.

Lots of work, but at least most of it can be done as I have time.


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Wow, I would kill for a room that big! LOL My frame is in our dining room (which we never used anyway) but all the supplies are in the sewing room, except for a small 3 drawer unit where I keep the bobbins and tools for the Juki.

At one time I was considering knocking out the closets and wall between the 2nd & 3rd bedroom to make one large sewing room. My plan was to build a large closet at one end of the new large room. Mark pointed out that we'd have to rebuild the wall and closets whenever we decide to sell the house so I ended up taking the dining room for the quilt frame.

Your room looks wonderful! Enjoy!


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Wonderful. It is about 1/2 the size of my house. lol. Must be wonderful to be able to spread out and enjoy all that great "stuff". I could get lost in there if my computer had a place. Congratulations and have fun.

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