12 DOM and we accepted an offer!!

Melissa SheltonMay 2, 2009

Thank Goodness!!!! We were on the market for 8 days when the offer came in.....lowball of course. I do understand that in this market. However, we were not outrageous in our initial asking price. We really researched and did our homework. We went and looked at all of the competition before we decided on a price.

We negotiated and 'played in the sandbox' and we are now selling for only 11K less than asking price. The concession that we are making is that we have to be out of the house MUCH sooner than we wanted.

We knew that we had a great house, in a great location, on a great, great lot .... AND....we made sure that we were one of the best out there. We staged with a professional and had great pics/video tour. However, we also know the reality of the economy.

We will wait on inspection and appraisal, but we feel really good about this. The wife fell in love and that sealed the deal.

For those that may remember, we were hoping we didn't have to paint. We have bold, earthy toned colors. Very pottery barn. I know that turns off some buyers. However, we felt confident with the advice of two stagers, our agent and her broker that we were good to go with the paint.

We put up a 'coming soon' sign out a week before it listed, had a broker's open house the day after it listed and had an open house last weekend. Lots of calls for showings last week. Three showings this week during negotiations.

Oh, and I buried St. Joseph on Friday :)

I will pray that all goes well in inspection and appraisal.


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Congratulations! What area do you live? I'm planning to list in 2 weeks and not feeling confident. So many houses are listed and nothing has sold in my area since January - scary.

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Melissa Shelton

Thank you!

We are in the Indianapolis area. It is very scary.....I don't know how you are feeling because our housing market is not nearly as bad as other areas in the country.

We just priced it right and made sure that we were one of the best out there. I don't want to tell you what my family called me while I was in my 'crazy' mode getting the house ready. :) But hey, if that's what helped get it sold, I don't mind!!!

Good luck to you in your sale!

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bib & mel~~
CONGRATULATIONS and I hope the inspection goes well also.
Can you post pics of your "staged" home?....I can not afford to go that route, but thought I would like to see one done in "colors"....so many have all white walls and we have colored ones also.
And again....best wishes and good luck 12 days is amazing.

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Bo and Mel,
Congratulations! 8 days is impressive. We went under contract after 6 weeks on the market and are thrilled. We, too, priced ours to sell and I was the crazy "make it look perfect every morning" person while we were on the market.
I, too, buried St. Joseph.
Phoggie, I couldnt afford professional staging either, but had a artistic/savvy friend who staged with what we had in the house (mostly she edited our stuff and rearranged furniture) - and I paid her in baked goods!
We are selling for quite a bit less than asking but we didn't put any $$ into upgrading our bathrooms but we are OK with that.
Good luck with the inspection.

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That is awesome. You are a very smart seller... one that knows that buyers today are only buying homes that they feel represent a great value.
You priced it right, you made it the best value in the market, you staged it, and you exposed it. Perfectly executed!
I wish you were one of my clients.

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Melissa Shelton

Thank you everyone! We have a termite and radon inspection scheduled for Wed morning. I'm not sure if they are doing a full inspection or not.....I would expect them to. Our agent is checking on this.

Here are the photos of our house fully staged and no colors changed. The yard looks a lot better now and it has only been two weeks! The leaves are coming on the trees and the hostas are AWESOME! There is no pic of our daughter's room. The red and blue is our son's. The greyish/greenish is the guest suite. This house has VERY bold colors, but they are colors that many different color schemes can fit with.

I'd like to post a link of our house....it shows a lot better, but you get the idea from these photos.

I guess that all I can say about colors is as long as they are UPDATED colors you may be able to get away with them and NOT paint to neutralize. I'm so thankful that we didn't.

As far as the staging goes....that was interesting. Not much changed to tell you the truth. We decluttered....everything! We took a book case away from the left side of the fireplace so when you walk through the front door, nothing stops your eye and they move right to the view out the back windows of the yard and golf course. We put a plate of 3 different colored grapes (fake) on the kitchen counter to show that purples can go with the red walls. We put a wire bowl full of lemons (fake) on the other side of the sink to show that yellows go in the kitchen. For every open house/showing, we placed a glass bowl full of little waters and filled the bowl with ice along with a basket of individually packaged granola bars. We had signs throughout the house in plastic holders pointing out special features ie: Shonbek chandelier stays, Please help yourself (to snacks) enjoy touring our home, built in book shelves and cabinets, new bronze lighting and faucets, etc. We had about eight of these throughout the home.

I hope that this helps!!!

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Thank you so much for posting these pictures.....no wonder your home sold so quickly....it is beautiful....and I LOVE your colors. I am proud for you...and good luck.

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Thank you for posting the pictures to show us what decluttering, nice furniture with nice layout of the furniture, great location, along with colorful walls that are not outdated colors can do to make a home look nice without repainting the walls neutral. I am happy for you and very happy for the new owners since your home is beautiful and shows very well. Congratulations on getting a fair offer so soon that you accepted.

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Very Very nice house. if you don't mind my asking how much was it listed for?

Some days I really wish I didn't live on Long Island. I'll never afford a house that large on that nice a piece of property.

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Wow! Love all the colours in your home! We have a similar paint colour in our kitchen and similar gold on our walls.

I'd love to know the name of some of your paint colours - the masterbedroom, the wall visible from the passthru at the Kitchen table in what appears to be the Family room. Also masterbath and Dining room. We had similar colours in both our baths, but changed them after an insurance issue that required painting. OUr baths are alot smaller than yours and the darker colours didn't work.

I think what you did to sell is key. A friend of mine sold her house in St. paul, MN in three days with two offers after having a great realtor and using his stager. They decluttered much like you did and the house showed really well. Got good money for it too, not great, but more than they expected.

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What wood species is in your floor in the dining room and home officE? I love your floors and home and can see why it sold so fast.

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