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eileenlaunonenApril 16, 2007

Need help planning a menu for 10 of my girlfriend who will be attending a Spa Slumber party at my home Sat June 2nd... NO KIDS NO HUBBY'S...they are arriving at 5 in the evening and sleeping over...I have a few therapist coming to do massage facials etc...Id like to stay in the relm of healthy yet delicous food more on a scale of picking opposed to trays of food...small fancy platters with finger sandwiches etc....the morning Id like a lite fair bellinis, momosa,bloody mary and food...please help

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are you looking to bake something or avoide a lot of prep? Veggie platters are great - sliced cucumber, carrots, cherry tomatoes, etc... along with a ranch type dip is great. I think fondue is amazing - but not always the healthiest, plus you need to have set for it. For breakfast I have a great blueberry buckle recipe I make with splenda instead of sugar if your interested - you'd probably have to at least double it though for 10 people.

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Poach a chicken breast in onion broth ( simmer a lot of onions in salted water to cover...strain out the onions) and chill the chicken and cut each breast into a fan shape and sprinkle with fresh parsley. For small servings you can use "chichen tenders" which are a part of a chicken breast.
Zucchini timbals, cut zucchinni into 2 inch chunks, hollow out the inside and stuff with a bread stuffing and bake.
Pepper wedges...mix some seasoned cottage cheese ( bought or regular cottage cheese mixed with chopped chives and chopped red bell pepper and some seasoning salt) dtain the cottage cheese and pack into a red or green or yellow pepper and chill....cut into wedges and serve.
Stuffed cherry tomatoes. Hollow out cherry tomatoes and stuff with crab or tuna mixed with a bit of mayo and lemon juice. Stuffed pea pods: split some sugar snap peas and stuff with soft cheese spread.
Fruit skewers....home made bread sticks...
Sounds like fun!
Linda C

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tomato idea is nice....like to prep ahead as i want to spa also!

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All I mentioned can be prepped ahead....
Add to that a home made spicy ( season with a jalapeno...simmer a bit and remove) chicken broth with beautiful fancy bits of veggies added about 10 minutes before serving and simmered in the broth.
Linda C

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ninelargec...we would all LOVE the great blueberry buckle recipe!!! Both the fattening version and the healthy alternative. It is almost blueberry season and it sounds great!

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And what is your address again :-)

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Ooops, forgot to post a couple of recipes -

Chèvre and Grape Truffles with Pistachio Crust
· 8 oz (250 g) chèvre, softened
· 4 oz (125g) cream cheese, softened
· 3 tbsp (50 mL) port
· Pinch salt
· 2 lb. (1 kg) seedless green grapes
· 1 cup (250 mL) pistachios, shelled, lightly toasted and ground
1. In a bowl, mix together chèvre and cream cheese. Add port and salt, and mix until smooth. Measure out 1 teaspoonful (15mL) mixture. Press grape into mixture. Cover grape and cheese with plastic wrap. Using the plastic wrap, evenly distribute cheese around grape. Remove plastic wrap and coat with pistachios.
2. Refrigerate until serving.

Creamy Dill Cucumber Toasties
Submitted by: Dianne McKenzie
"I got this recipe years ago from a friend of a friend. I love it and make it all the time for parties. It looks great on the platter, and it is super easy! Everyone loves it!"
Original recipe yield: 1 1/2 cups.

1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese, softened
1 (.7 ounce) package dry Italian-style salad dressing mix
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1 French baguette, cut into 1/2 inch thick circles
1 cucumber, sliced
2 teaspoons dried dill weed

In a medium bowl, mix together cream cheese, dressing mix and mayonnaise.
Spread a thin layer of the cream cheese mixture on a slice of bread, and top with a slice of cucumber. Sprinkle with dill. Repeat with remaining ingredients.

(Ginger St. Thomas)

1 lb large, seedless red grapes (about 50)
10 oz pecans
4 TBL crumbled Roguefort
8 oz pk cream cheese, softened
2 TBL heavy cream
Wash the grapes & pat dry. Crush the pecans on a platter or sheet of waxed paper. Combine the Roquefort, cream cheese & cream in a bowl & mix well. Roll the grapes in the cheese mixture & then in the pecans, coating well. Chill, covered until serving time.~~ From First Impressions.

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Thanks such nice ideas! I have ecided too also make my strawberry spinache salad..nice and lite dont want the girls to feel yucky while having there treatments...I believe the lighter the better....Up at the Spa at Norwich Inn (my favorite weekened getaway spot) they serve a beautiful shrimp cocktail with a avacado style salsa and the shrimp was skewered onto lemon grass an served in a glass that looked like a ice cream sundae but was like margarita glass thick with the bubbles in the glass itself...where can you find lemon grass Ive yet to see it in my markets. I also thought of the new rage of the small style shot glass appetizers..but what to put in them...gazpacho??? Fruit soup??? Hmmmmmmm... Breakfast will be homemade muffins an jams/jellies, yogurt with homemae granola and fresh fruit platter...Momosa and Bloody Marys...of course coffe an several different teas...The Spa serves Pitchers of Ice water with cucumber,lemon an oranges..of course in seperate pitchers..so refreshing I will have that in the different treatment rooms

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That sounds like a wonderful party idea, Eileen!

I have a Norwich Inn cookbook called "New Spa Food" but my daughter borrowed it. If I recall, they had a lot of recipes for fresh fruit sorbets and they used sucrose for sweetening instead of regular sugar.

Cups of mushroom broth would be good with the spinach salad. Quarter at least 2 lbs. of cleaned white mushrooms and a pound of portabellas or baby bellas. Some shitake mushrooms or dried porcinis can be added too. Add chicken stock, onion, carrots, celery, parsley and salt and simmer for a couple of hours until the mushrooms have released all their broth and it reduced by about 2/3. Strain and discard the mushrooms.

You can clarify it with egg whites like consomme or skip that step and strain through a coffee filter.

Serve hot or warm and garnish with enoki mushrooms and some thinly sliced scallions or parsley.

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Debbie 814 served some kind of bloody mary soup in shot glasses topped with a shrimp. I'll ask her her to post it.

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Like Woodie said, I did bloody mary shots for a recent party. I bought a quantity of plastic shot glasses from a party supply store, and filled them with a bloody mary mix (I think it was TGIF brand). Garnished with shrimp, but you could omit and use a thin celery stick. They would be perfect for your party. Enjoy!

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Epirious.com has an article on their website about Miraval Spa outside of Tucson, including a couple of recipes.


Here is a link that might be useful: Miraval Spa Article and Recipes

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Love that blooy Mary thingy..will definately do that! Ruthanna ....funny you mention that book I just bought it off of Ebay yesterday!

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