My kitchen 93.8467% finished! tons of pics!

quelynApril 28, 2013

Hello! My husband and I did the reno ourselves since I was hosting a baby shower and had to have it completed by yesterday (Saturday!) Eek! We got most of it done, had a great time at the shower, but I have to say thanks to you Kitchen forum peeps, I cannot tell you how many times my husband and a referenced this forum to look for hints, ideas, answers, etc. Unbelievable resource this is! And now for some pics (sorry they were taken with my phone...) My husband is fabulous and every single thing in the kitchen except for the countertops! He even did the beautiful ceiling and cabinets! (although he is a cabinetmaker by trade :) )

EDITED TO ADD...some more phone camera pics!

The counters are marble and my ceilings are 9 feet so I am not sure how tall the uppers are but they are the standard off the counter and extend all the way to the crown. Thanks for all the kind comments!

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Wow, how beautiful! What is the tile you used in your backsplash? I love it!

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Great kitchen. WOW light fixtures.

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WOW husband! Now if I could just order up one of that model. :) Your kitchen is fantastic. The ceiling details give it a wonderful drama, and I love the lightness of the fixtures you chose against their strength. What color is your glass tile?

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Love the spheres ! Your views out of the windows are lovely and it all goes so well together. Would love to see more pics with more light to get a feel for how it all goes together. Your DH is quite an artist...that ceiling is amazing and so are the wood floors. A beautiful reno and lots of talent. c

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It's beautiful. The ceiling is amazing!

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Thanks! I will post some more pics this evening with the lights on for a different look....

As far as the tile, it was simple Artic White subway glass tile from Lowes. Since we did the reno as a total DIY, we had to keep the budget in check, we went as inexpensive as possible on everything, but I think it turned out nice :) My husband truly is talented, the ceiling is reclaimed hickory from an old farmhouse that was leftover from another job he did. In one of the pics, you can see my stair railings. He handcrafted those as well in a Chippendale pattern and painted them chinese red. Love them! This is a 2 bedroom walkup townhouse near Savannah, GA and since the space is small, he knocked down some walls, built me a walk in pantry (no pics yet..coming soon as I am able to clear out some of the construction mess from it!) and built in storage into the bench as well as under the stairwell. I will need to dig up some pics of the original kitchen so you can get the full affect of the transformation. I also will upload some pics of the other side of the island to show the built in microwave and the door style on the island is raised inset panels as opposed to the shaker style inset on the white cabinets. Our knobs are being shipped (can't wait!) We also redid the small powder bath off the kitchen. Whew! We are exhausted and quite frankly, not sure if I ever want to live thru another DIY reno. Hah! I still need to unpack all my kitchen boxes and accessorize. My husband rolls his eyes every time I talk about accessorizing. He likes having the cabinets be the center of attention since those are his babies! As far as the lights, they have indeed received the most compliments from all my friends. I got them from Shades of Light, the Young House Love blog people designed them. They were very affordable and are a dark teal (on the green side) and play nicely off the island teal color (more on the blue side). Oh! and I can't forget my built in chalkboard, been hounding my husband for years that I wanted one. I mean, I know they are overdone (he was against it) but I love it! While I am blabbering on... the curtains make me smile and were made by a woman I work with and since we live in a walk up townhouse the view right outside is a side walk and street with a good bit of pedestrian traffic (dog walkers, joggers). I get giddy when I see them looking into the window - hehehe! Thanks!

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The half wall between the kitchen and dining room is brilliant -- just tall enough to shield the work surfaces of the kitchen from diners but low enough to allow a lovely vista through the sphere light fixtures and out the window. This "sweet spot" seems to be the crux of many debates about whether to open up smallish room for light and a sense of spaciousness.

Also, the stair railing is to die for.

Congrats to you and your husband both,

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Congratulations! What a beautiful kitchen! Can't wait to see more pictures (including the befores!).

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Wowie! Everything is just amazing! Great job by you and the hubby!

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What are your countertops? They're beautiful! We will be doing the shades of light globes in our boys room- midnight color. Love them !

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Your ceiling is georgous, as is everything else in your kitchen. You all did good!! What color did you use on the walls? Looking forward to more pictures too.

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A cabinet maker! Sweet! I love the ceiling! Can you tell me your wall color? I know, it's not the main attraction in all this fabulousness, but I'm searching for a wall color. Thanks.

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That's lovely! Your husband is truly talented! Love the ceilings, and the glass upper part of the cabinets. How tall are your wall cabinets?

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beautiful cabinets and a fantastic ceiling -- what a forgotten surface that you've highlighted in an interesting fashion as well as I've ever seen! We all should be so lucky to marry such a talented craftsman.

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So glamourous a reno-with modern lighting touch. Can't wait to re-visit and view/read more.

Congratulations to you and your husband on a job well done!

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wow! love the cool lights and the light blue touches.
incredible diy job! congrats!

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Beautiful cabinets as well as the rest of the kitchen. Kudos to your talented DH and you. Enjoy your new kitchen.

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Beautiful kitchen! I love the white painted cabinets and their style! I love the counters, the backsplash, the floors, the stainless steel appliances, the unique ceiling, the unique fixtures and the overall look. I can't wait to see the finished kitchen with the before and after pictures. I wish your husband would live around me and make my cabinets. Thank you for sharing.

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It's all lovely, but that ceiling is fantastic! You and DH did a great job. After 2 days of just cabinet demo here I can't imagine what it's like to do the whole thing DIY.

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Oh! And the wall color is Sherwin-Williams On the Rocks. We first painted BM Owl Gray (too light) then BM Silver Fox (too dark), but this is in between and just right. We painted the adjoining living room ceiling SW Sky High.

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Quelyn: You did a FABULOUS job! You must be overjoyed at the lovely job both you and your DH did. I really love it.

You must give us updates on how the marble works out for you. I admit that I am still "data gathering" about marble, but am fairly certain that I am going to do it.

I especially love the use of wood and white together.

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Aw, thanks! We are overjoyed - - I think I am gonna wear(/ware/where :P) a hole in the floor walking around the island admiring it - ha! Granted, I haven't used the marble for more than a week yet, but we did already host the baby shower and it held up just fine. I was having mini panic attacks each time someone dropped a meatball though :)

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Sherrie Moore

Beautiful beautiful job!!! What a talented husband!! Love the stair rail, the colors, the cabinets, the pantry. etc !!!!

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What a great space in a great location yet! Your DH is so talented. Love the lighting!

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All I can say is WOW!!! So many yummy things at which to look! You have some seriously nice elements! Your ceilings, the marble, the lights, the bench, the cabinets, the dog.... the list goes on and on! Well done!!!

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Wow. That is really beautiful! Your DH is a wonder! Just gorgeous. Love the stair rail, too.

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Thanks! We got our knobs yesterday but DH hasn't put them on yet urgh! Will post pics once they are up...

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Love your kitchen ... wow ... and that ceiling is just amazing. I also really love the treatment of the railing on the stairs. Is that something your husband created?

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Thanks, cinnamon_girl1319! Yes, my husband crafted the stairs entirely. Actually everything wood in the home (except for the floors & doors) he did: the crown, window trim, door trim, baseboards, pantry, chalkboard, ceiling, stair railing, newel posts, cabinets, you name it! And he's funny and nice to boot! Haha! I did choose the chinese red paint color though :)

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Here is a pic of the kitchen BEFORE. Actually, it is a pic of my neighbor's kitchen. Since I live in a townhouse all the plans are the same (I am not able to find the pics of my own kitchen). You get the idea though, very builder-grade, dated. Boring. (Sorry if my neighbor is reading this!) Also, the pantry was miniscule only 5 inches deep with open wire shelving! So we relocated and made it a walk-in. So sorry for the multiple posts...just thought you might be curious to see how far we've come. I still can't believe it! Oh, I should say since this was a DIY it took us 6 years. I know that sounds crazy, but the last thing my husband and I wanted to do after working all day was to come home and work on the house. So for 6 loooong years we lived with a hotplate and washing dishes in the tub upstairs. Crazy.

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Quelyn, Your townhouse kitchen in both your neighbor's home and yours (before the gorgeous renovation) is so much nicer than my kitchen as you have full overlay doors in maple it looks like, with hardware, no soffit and taller cabinets than I do. The builder grade kitchen given to me when I moved into my townhouse 14.5 years ago (it is 21.5 years old now that I am replacing it as soon as I have time to look again with this time more education of what exists to stay within a budget as I have very expensive tastes and now that I know what everything costs and I saved more money, I am ready) is golden oak laminate with wallpaper sides, framed partial overlay, with a very wide soffit for the 30" tall cabinets with no hardware. I was given ugly almond appliances that are now all stainless steel as I replaced each one as it stopped working. If the kitchen you posted was mine, I would just change the counters and be happy despite preferring cherry or painted white cabinets as they are the style I like and I like the full overlay used with no soffit. But I hate my kitchen despite liking my stainless steel appliances so much as they work and I love having a range hood that actually takes smells out of the room.

Of course, if I had your new kitchen, I would be not just happy, I would be in heaven. I LOVE your new kitchen so much.

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Oh, nice! Beautifully done!

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one quick question: What color white are the cabinets?

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Wow, wow, and wow!!! Your kitchen is well worth the six year wait. Also, you make me feel better as I'm 1 /2 years into my kitchen remodel and am about 95% finished. Sometimes I feel something is wrong with me for taking so long. However, it seems to me that it helps to live with changes for awhile. It helps in making better decisions as remodeling evolves. Did you find this to be the case as well?
Anyway,love everything about your remodel, esp. the ceiling, the floors, cabinets & stairs, and I have to add, that beautiful view in your backyard.

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I had to come back and look at your kitchen again. :) I noticed you had wood floors before. Did you refinish them? What is the color on the 'new' floor?

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Oh my god, I'm moving in. It is sublime! One of my favorites ever! I know exactly where to start: the ceiling! It's amazing. I love it and I want it. Then let's go to that stair railing. I want to lick it. It is perfection. And then I love everything else to, including the lighting and the fabric on the banquette cushion. Amazing.

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I guess that I am in the minority. The kitchen does have some very nice features to it and it looks very well done. However, I am not a fan of white cabinets on white backsplash on white counter tops on white walls. Too sterile looking for my tastes. At least your island adds some color.

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I love it!! The white is fabulous in my opinion and you really made some bold choices with those light fixtures but they totally work. I love the visual interest of the red staircase railing and the ceiling. And great color choice with the island.

What a talented husband you have! Enjoy your beautiful space!

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@gpraceman, then I guess you probably shouldn't have a white kitchen. Are you familiar with the phrase "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all?"

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@wi-sailorgirl - I just said that I didn't care for the mostly white color scheme. I certainly didn't write that to be rude in any way. Not everyone is a fan of white on white, as it can feel "sterile". That is just a matter of taste.

As I did say, the kitchen looks very well done and has very nice features. I do also really like the ceiling.

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There's always a Negative Nancy in the bunch. This is their home, and their newly finished kitchen. She wasn't asking for a critique.

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Texasgal47, thanks! Yes, although our reno took waaay longer than I had anticipated, it did allow us to really research and (I think) make smarter choices. For example, we had originally wanted to do high-end appliances, but then the housing market dropped and because we were taking so long to renovate, we had the opportunity to wait and re-think that decision. I am glad now we opted to less expensive appliances since housing values during the 6 years dropped so dramatically. Also, it gave us time to research (and read the Kitchen forum more!) before making purchases and design decisions.

Hi, Lynn2006! Yes, the previous cabinets were full overlay, but trust me if you saw them in person you would realize that they were poorly made and even more poorly installed. Crooked, exposed in places it shouldn't be, very very thin wood, if it really even was wood, etc. Obviously, in many of my neighbors homes they have gotten around this with beautiful accessories.

IowaCommute, hello! Yes, we had the wood floors but they were very blonde. So we sanded them down and stained them a chestnutty kind of color and gave them a satin finish instead of a gloss.

GloriaT! The cabinets were first painted BM White Dove, but we then went back over them with a pure white from SW, not sure of the color name, sorry.

wi-sailorgirl, thank you for all your nice compliments! Well, I'll get the guest room ready for ya! Ha! Shhh...but I've been tempted to love on the stair rail a bit, too! I pipdog, thank you!

graceman, hello! I get it. Really. I know it is not everyone's taste, I think in my next home I might even opt for a natural wood kitchen for variety. I do thank you for appreciating the quality of my husband's work, I like to think he is pretty darn talented! Just for you, I'm posting here some pics of some natural wood cabinetry my husband did in a someone else's home. I love these cabinets, too - I hope you enjoy them!

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That ceiling! Really, really beautiful kitchen. Your DH is awesome!

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It is nice to have a very handy husband. I tell my wife that all the time;-) I do some woodworking myself and can appreciate his craftsmanship. Cheers.

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Perfectly beautiful in every way.

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Amanda Frances

A strange question, but I was wondering: are the new cabinets built-in-place? Or did he construct them as cabinet boxes that you then hung?

... I'm curious as to what professional cabinet fabricators do when it comes to their own homes!

BEAUTIFUL! I am looking to remodel myself, and you pretty much hit my dream kitchen nail on its head.

The house I am moving into has its original 50's kitchen, minus some (admittedly great shape) butcher block laminate :-) (pictures on my blog if you want to take a look)


Here is a link that might be useful: 16th and Main

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Quelynn, Thanks for clarifying that in person, you could tell that your cabinets needed to be replaced. I love the changes you made and I wish your kitchen was mine. You are blessed with a handy husband along with your great taste!

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atarkows, thanks! My husband built the cabinets in his shop and then brought them in to install. I am not sure the pros or cons of this, I'd ask but he is not yet home from work. I know he typically (maybe always, not sure now that I think about it) builds the cabinets in the shop and then install them into the home.

I took a peek at the house you just bought and it is fabulous - it looks like it fits your locale perfectly (palm tree in the pic!) The floors look beautiful and I even like the "breezeway", as you call it! I hope you are planning for some veggies in the raised beds. I, myself, have a black thumb but fantasize about growing my own food.

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Oh my word, that is lovely!!! You must be absolutely thrilled, I have ceiling envy!

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Fabulous! The ceiling is my favorite part, and I'm really digging those light fixtures. Congratulations!

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I love your kitchen! It's gorgeous! Your counters are stunning and I love you whimsical lights. Everything is beautiful. Congratulations on your new kitchen and your talented husband.

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