RECIPE: cooking now: need some ideas

rjingaApril 9, 2010

I have a recipe from a pampered chef party that is really great, it's made with croissants and a mixture of chicken, mayo, sour cream, italian bread crumbs, italian seasoning or dressing, chopped onion, parm. or other white cheese, I add pecans or cashew pieces, and sometimes chopped up pears, etc. the mixture is spooned into the croissants which are laid out slightly overlapping, like little triangles on the baking stone in a round pattern so when it's all wrapped up it's a "wheel"


I dont have chicken, so I figured I would experiment with what I had (ground beef) it's now cooking with onion and mushrooms and peppers.

I'm just not sure what else I can add to it to make it good, I will add cheese, and seasoning of course, thought about maybe a can of cream of mushroom soup, and broccoli, but my broccoli went bad!! so I'm aiming for a cheesy mac kinda thing, or like a casserole filling..I also considered adding some rice? or some type of small pasta, but that might be weird inside a croissant.

I have asparagus (from my garden) squash and other veggies I could use...carrots, cabbage, zuchinni, red potatoes, celery? Maybe just a small bit of several of these?

It seems whatever goes into these croissants turns out yummy. I just need to be the right consistancy, not too soupy, and nothing with too much liquid when it cooks, so that the outside stays firm.

It turns out like a bread filled and easy,

ANY IDEAS??? QUICK, I need them now :)

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Do you bake this recipe? If so, then our favorite Ham Delights would be good on the croissants - if a little rich. Here is a recipe, but I would use less butter if using the croissants:

Ham Delights presented by Andrea's Troy-Bumpas Inn Bed & Breakfast

1 pound of ham
1/2 pound of Swiss cheese
1/2 pound of margarine or butter
3 Tbsp mustard
1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce
3 Tbsp poppy seeds
2 pkgs of party rolls

Mix margarine, mustard, and Worcestershire sauce together until it is of spreading consistency. Spread on both inside surfaces of party rolls. Place ham and cheese on bottom half of rolls. Place top half of party rolls over cheese. Return rolls to foil tray. Bake at 400° for 10-15 minutes. Serve warm.

You would spread the butter mixture on the croissants instead of the party rolls (which may not be made by P. Farm anymore).

If using asparagus, zucchini, potatoes or other vegetables, you would need to saute them first as they give off water when baking.

I wouldn't add in rice, potatoes, or pasta to your recipe. Nor would I add in any canned cream of ___ soup. Stick with chicken, ham, seafood, or even dried chipped beef and cheeses, even cream cheese. Any kind of chicken salad, ham salad, even tuna or crab salad would work. Look for recipes for baked chicken salad casseroles - that might work too. A mixed vegetable medley like ratatouille mixed with grated cheese might work. The cheese and/or mayonnaise/cream cheese/sour cream would help to bind the ingredients and provide melted goodness.


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Ham delight question for Teresa,

They sound so tasty for my graduation party but I won't have an oven in a motel--could they be heated in an electric roaster. My guess is you just need to get them warm but not dried out??? Any help would be appreciated.

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Yes! Just wrap them well in foil and stick 'em in the roaster. They just need to get warm enough to melt the cheese. I would say 375 to 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes. The thing with these is to get the butter mixture well melted and soaked into the bread. That's what makes them so good!

Oh no! I just now saw where the onion was left out of that recipe. You need to add 2-3 TB of finely minced onion to the butter mixture and add in the poppy seeds with the butter, mustard, W. Sauce, and onion. You have to have the onion in the mix.

Sheesh, I thought all Ham Delights recipes were the same.


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