Emergency! Emergency! help (opinions needed quick)

teresa_nc7June 18, 2012

Here's the problem:

I need 306 inches of binding to go around the Seabreeze quilt. I have 307 inches - total! That doesn't count the extra needed folding at the corners. I have no more binding fabric wide enough to cut binding strips.

So....I'm going to have to add other fabrics to the binding in a "planned it that way" manner.

Here is a corner of the quilt with all the borders and quilting done:

Option #1 - I add in a few scattered strips of other dark batiks used in the quilt (examples laying on a prepared strip of the binding fabric):

Option #2 - I add short pieces of bright fabrics, also used in the quilt, like this:

Please give me your honest opinion! Thanks!


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the dark batiks, imo

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If it were me Teresa I think I would choose only one of the other fabrics. The one I think that would work well is the bottom one in the first picture. I has all the colors in the binding and would blend well with out being to loud if you could scatter it evenly around the quilt. MHO

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I like the dark batiks. Maybe 2-3 small pieces in the upper left and then again in the bottom right? I like the idea that it would be very subtle so if, and when someone noticed they would go looking for the other pieces.



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I think I'd use one piece, about 6", of a dark batik near a corner on two sides like it's a design element. But, deep down, I don't think it will show anyway. If you want it to show, use the brights.

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I agree with toolgranny. I would make it a part of the design element.
Linda OH

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Yes! I knew I could count on y'all to give me the answer! I will use the lower dark batik in maybe two places, lower side and bottom of the quilt. I think it will blend in very well.

Thank you! Kudos to everyone!

....we now return you to our regularly scheduled postings... the fire has been dealt with satisfactorily...

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I am happy to report that the different fabric used in the border is barely - just barely - dedectable only if you know another fabric was used in a few places.

And I dare that rider on the galloping horse speeding by my quilt to pick it out!

Now, if I can just remember this trick next time I run out of the binding fabric.....


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Now I really need to see the whole quilt!

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I'll post a pic just as soon as I finish sewing the binding to the back by hand. It turned out really nice if I do say!


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