Shiloh Cabinets--Initial Impressions/Review

edlakinApril 30, 2008

My Shiloh cabinets arrived last week and we began installing them yesterday.

My initial impression is that these things are built like tanks. The boxes are all 1 1/2" plywood construction and the sides are 3/4" plywood with 1/4" veneer panels. The drawers are 3/4" plywood as well. These are heavy cabinets. They use all wood hanging rails and wood corner blocks--no plastic except the stuff that they wrapped them in.

They were very carefully wrapped in foam sheeting and then in plastic. Each cabinet was well labelled with a computer-printed label specifying "cabinet no. x" that corresponded to a plan my KD did, so it was very clear where each was to go.

They gave us plenty of panels and fillers as well. We also ordered crown moulding, posts, valences, and other stuff to go with the cabinets but haven't checked those out yet.

The finish is lovely. We got green painted maple with a "pewter" glaze and wear/sand thru, and red stained cherry with a black glaze and wear. Very nice. Glazing is consistent and just in the spots where you'd expect it to be. Wear/Sand thru looks nice, but not overdone.

These cabinets arrived about 5 weeks after we finalized my order. They also shipped all the gadgets (pull outs, tray base, etc) separately so the installers didn't have to remove them to hang the cabinets. nice touch.

All in all, a pretty impressive initial impression.

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My Shiloh cabinets should be here May 15, so I am very happy to hear such a positive review.

I never doubted though, because my MIL and friend have both had nothing but extremely positive experiences with them.


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If you don't mind my asking... how $$$ are Shiloh cabs in the scope of things? Mid, low, high end??

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My Shilo cabinets arrived last week and are being installed today. I agree completely about the structure. Mine were completed a few weeks ago and the only problem was probably caused by the shipper. If they have been in boxes, it would not have been a problem. Mine are an ivory glaze. I chose to buy my crown elsewhere, changed my doors from 5-piece heads to slabs (which they detailed beautifully!), and took off the blum for a 30% savings. My cost for almost all drawers in bases for a 12 x 15 u-shaped kitchen with extra cabinets on another wall was about $17,000. It's reasonable, but not cheap.

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edlakin - I agree with you - while we didn't go with Shiloh (we went with Kahle's - a regional semi-custom cabinet maker) Shiloh was our 2nd choice and they were built like a tank. Also loved the fact that glazing was included in the base Shiloho price. Biggest issue for us was Shiloh didn't have two doors styles that really grabbed us and would have helped accomplish the look we wanted to achieve like Kahle's did (which BTW - if Shiloh is built like a tank, Kahle's is built like an armored tank. We are very please with the quality of the build and the care in shipping from Kahle's - wrapped in plastic, then in cardboard, then inside furniture movers cloths and delivered directly in Kahle's own truck).

As to pricing, I would agree teched - Shiloh wasn't cheap but is within reason. Kahle's was slightly higher for us - but really had all the flexibility we wanted for custom sizes. Durasupreme, the other semi-custom line we priced was lowest of the three but we were limited in some of the customizing we needed with depths. All 3 will be higher priced than Kraftmaid or the typical national brands but not as high as some of the high priced lines out there. IMO, they give you excellent value for your money

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my cost was similar. i paid a bit more than 14K for a 15x15 foot kitchen with an island, plus a floor-to-ceiling pantry cabinet and five bases that we're using as a buffet in our eating area.

i'd say they're mid-range in price, but the nice thing about them is that there's no upcharge for glaze, paint, distressing, wear, sand-thru, etc. most of that stuff add significantly to the bottom line with other cabinet companies.

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whoops, sorry. my post above was in response to remodelfla and teched. berry, you must've slipped in while i was typing.

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I am also getting Shiloh cabinets. I have seen them in houses
and they are beautiful. Very well made. I have never heard
any negative about the cabinets.

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Please update us on your cabinet installation with pics as it goes along! I just got a quote tonight on my kitchen using shiloh cabs and I'm trying to swallow the number, over budget for me! Anyways, it seems like they are a good quality cabinet and I don't want to replace them again anytime soon so that is why we are seriously considering going with them.

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here's a pic of the green cabinets that went in yesterday. i'll upload some of the cherry cabinets tomorrow, or sometime soon.

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WOW they are beautiful. I love the color and your ceiling.
I would have never thought of that color, but gee they sure
look great. Enjoy

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uploaded a bunch of photos and moved things around, so that last photo won't work. here are some more:

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Our initial Shiloh quote was like $29,500. We made the following changes:
-Changed to Oxford door style from a Shaker style (that looks like what edlakin has)
-Changed from a 5-piece drawer head to a slab. Shilo offers an edge treatment on slab drawers (free) that made them look like expensive furniture.
-Changed from full overlay to partial overlay (our full over lay bath cabinets have so many fillers they look like partial anyway, the partial overlay required no fillers--another cost savings).
-Dropped the crown molding ($23 a linear foot) and purchased it locally ($4 a linear foot plus paint)
-Dropped the appliance garage ($650), which is good because it would not have fit well anyway.
-Dropped the refrigerator panels ($1500 but we may order later.
-Added ivory paint (20% upcharge)

Our final cost was $17,000. I will try to post pics tonight when I locate the camera. The drawers are the best--I think in our compact setup, the 5-piece heads would have looked awful. The slabs are lovely and simple without being too modern.

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I would love to see pictures if you get a chance. I wouldn't think going from shaker to oxford would be a cost savings because the oxford has a raised panel? I am looking at a newer door style called Wyatt which is more of a shaker style, but I was looking at a detailed drawer head versus a slab, maybe I should rethink that. I was also looking at full overlay and I should ask my GC about doing a different crown molding versus using theirs. I also added the decorative sides versus having the plain sides and I'm not sure what the cost increase is there, but I think I would still want to have them on the island. I'm in sticker shock right now, but soon I'll have to get serious and decide what I need to have versus what I would love to have.

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I forgot to mention that I dropped the full extension and the Blum. We checked out the full extension drawers at a friend's house and decided we could live w/o it. Did get the dove tail drawers. The decorative side on the Oven cabinet was about $600. It's quite visible from another room and well worth the extra money. Here are some pics:

Crown with Oven Cab

Decorative side on Oven Cab


View of corner

Side of bookcase

Light rail

Here is a link that might be useful: Teched's kitchen in progress

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I know this is an old post, but getting ready to get Shiloh Cabinets (ivory w/mocha glaze) and would like to see some finished photos if you guys have any.

Going with slab drawer fronts to cut down cost. Will be getting the crown with cabinets though to have matching paint and glaze.

teched - do you happen to have any photos prior to cabinet install? I'm curious about all the wiring for the undercab lights.

Here is a link that might be useful: My layout

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Has anyone installed Shiloh cabinets recently? The initial price from the vendor was a shock so we're considering a lower cost product Homecrest as an alternative. Advice?

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My shilo cabinets are gorgeous just as kitchen dealer said they would be. Everything right down to the light bar arrived safely w/o damage. Pictures do not show the beauty. Ours are Homestead door (shaker style) w/5piece drawer fronts, Spice Maple w/plantation glaze (looks like cherry), Would post if I could figure out how to post. I'll keep trying.

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I know this is an old thread, I am just going to give my 2cents here. We have Shiloh cabinets- had them since 2004. They are HORRIBLE. We had to have most of the doors replaced a few years back because the glaze was coming off!!!! Ours are the golden maple with mocha glaze, if I remember correctly. Would NEVER do this brand again, we have had better luck with off the shelf home depot cabinets than Shiloh. We spent A LOT of money for these cabinets when we built our home, very disappointing to say the least.
I am just wondering how my fellow shiloh cabinet owners are doing? Maybe we got a bad batch. I don't know....but I am wondering if you have glaze on yours, if your glaze is coming off/chipping off????

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Hi Shiloh customers,
I just installed shiloh cabinetry in sea green with black glaze. I got some posts to go with the island. However, I have to install some columns in the kitchen that I am trying to match with the cabinetry. I cannot find a stain to match the sea green that was shipped by the factory. Has anyone had to go through this. Any suggestions on the brand, number or specs for the sea green.
thanks a lot.

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Our cabinets just arrived but our excitement quickly eroded as we found numerous problems. Two cabinets have cracks in the frames, the tall pantry door is visibly warped, filler strips are also warped, one piece is the wrong color... We are so disappointed and can't believe that their QC department would allow these to be shipped. I plan on getting a rep out here and expect that they at the very least replace the damaged pieces asap and give a discount for the aggravation and inconvenience. I hope that I don't have the same peeling problem as reported above. I ordered the ivory with mocha glaze and without the quality issues, they really are lovely. But quality trumps beauty and for this price, we should be getting both. I am tempted to reject the whole order and start over with another company. Buyer beware.

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Ok, so about 1 month after my initial email we have received two replacement cabinets in good condition but two other replacements are wrong. The frustration has turned to disgust... I would never recommend this brand to anyone!

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I hope none of you have the glaze chipping/peeling problem, because they will blame it ON YOU and tell you that you are not being careful, you have wet hands while touching the cabinet, etc. and that you are not keepin them dry! I am going to post pics of my cabinets...and these are the REPLACEMENT doors which were replaced about 5 yrs ago. We built our home back in 2004...less than 2 yrs later we had to have them replaced. NOW it is happening again and it's in places there is NO WATER, not near the sink or any place wet. I am so unhappy with this brand, it's terrible. So upset after putting so much time, money and effort into building our home- and it ends up that we bought the 'lemon' of all cabinet brands. DO NOT BUY SHILOH!!!!!!!!!!

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I know this is an old post... but wanted to weigh in. A different perspective if you will. I am a kitchen designer and dealer who has Shiloh... has had Kahle... and other fine cabinet manufacturers of varying capabilities and price points.

I think Shiloh is well valued for their price point. Paints are only a 10% premium... (and as already mentioned) free glazes, distressing, still free inset, etc.

I've NOT experienced finishing issues (over many projects) as described by another poster. Can problems occur in finishing? Sure... it can happen. I've experienced finishing issues with high-end companies/Mfg's as well. Sadly... there can be hiccups. It's not that there are hiccups... but HOW the dealer & Mfg deal with issues.

Another thing about Shiloh... the order your designer/dealer writes has to be 'nuts on'. Be it right or wrong... they rely on the written order vs. the plans & elevation. So though a drawing is quite clear... if the order is written wrong... the cabinet will likely be wrong. 'It is what it is.'

So the short of it... you should get a decent product at a reasonable/relative cost. Make sure you have a designer that crosses 'T's'... dots 'I's'.

Sorry about any typos... wrote this on a cellphone.

Here is a link that might be useful: New Kitchen Guru

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I have been pretty disappointed in Shiloh, mainly because it appears they ship product that has obvious cosmetic blemishes. We experienced this with your kitchen remodel in spring 2013. Our contractor noticed that two cabinets arrived with pretty noticeable imperfections on the finish. They sent replacements, and one of them had a blemish that was also quite evident.

We were on a tight schedule and our rep wanted to do something for us, so she arranged for an additional shelf to go with our double-door cabinet with pull-out slider trays. They sent a shelf with a slider, but the slider was too wide to clear the doors!

That is just stupid inattention to detail. These cabinets cost about $18k. I expected better from Shiloh.

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Thank you bbarner for the warning and others above. I am printing this post to have the good and the bad reviews when I am ready to make a decision. I am disappointed the Shiloh would ship products with obvious cosmetic blemishes as I thought they were better than the competition when I looked at the display model cabinets at my local cabinet designing store. I know I had this problem even worse with Stanley's bedroom set that I ended up getting them to take back in 2007 and I went with a different company (Durham) hat sent me a bedroom set made so well. I was shocked at how a manufacturer can ship out new furniture without inspecting it. I do love the look of the Shiloh Inset cabinets in the Polar White. Thanks again for letting us know about your recent problems.

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I, too, am having difficulties with a recent Shiloh order. I spent extra for custom doors only to have them come in mismatched. The sales rep saw the initial installation and agreed they were not acceptable. The doors were taken back and supposedly refinished to match. Three months later when they came back there was some improvement on half of them but on the other half the imperfections are even more pronounced.

It is now an additional three months of trying to get satisfaction and the
response from customer service has been "it meets their specs" and "that is the nature of the beast." Unfortunately it is I who have to live with the splotches and streaks, not them.

What angers me even more is their reaction to my displeasure. They are ignoring me, stalling, blowing me off, etc. -- I am being "too fussy."

I am extremely disappointed in the final result and will NEVER recommend Shiloh to anyone who asks. I am now looking for a local woodworker to refinish these brand new doors so they look decent.

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jharrow, thank you for the warning. I am so sorry about your problems with Shiloh. You are not being too fussy! You paid good money.

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I would not purchase these cabinets again. The company is incredibly difficult to work with on warranty issues and I am not impressed with the way the cabinets that get a lot of use are wearing both with respect to finish and some of the mechanical parts. The company is saying this is normal wear but after talking about how great the many layers of finish will wear I completely disagree. Mine has worn down to the base color on my most heavily used cabinet and this happened after only about 2 years of use. The company seems to have developed an attitude towards warranty claims. Whatever you do ask about warranty claims when you buy cabinets and know that things will go wrong with your and that it is important.

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MarjG - I'm sorry you're experiencing that with your cabinets. Can you share a photo? Are they really saying that wearing the finish down to the base is normal after 2 years? I am about to order my cabinets and have been leaning heavily toward shiloh (painted) so I am very interested in hearing if your issue was resolved.

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MarjG, please do share photos of the warn out areas on the Shiloh Cabinets to warn others and to have others like me decide if maybe I should be considering other companies. So sorry for your disappointment in how the cabinets are holding up and how Shiloh is dismissing the problems. Maybe sharing pictures here will have Shiloh wake up that many of us only know Shiloh and were considering them due to all the beautiful pictures on this kitchen forum.

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