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foggyjMay 8, 2013


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Survivor: Caramoan -- Fans vs. Favorites
Episode: Don't Say Anything About My Mom

A visit from loved ones gives the castaways a morale boost; one castaway faces a game-changing choice

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And don't forget Sunday night is the finale!

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It was great!! Ugh, I don't want to give anything away. Wonder who the preview is about next episode?

I'll be back tomorrow to yak about it!!

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Another blindside!

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This Blindside should kick someones butt, if they make it to the end, and face the jury;)

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I am not happy and don't like any of the remaining players now, especially the crybaby. .

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I'm going to post twice, this one telling any readers I'm about to discuss who went home. So spoiler alert, next post is naming names.......

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I guess I was o.k. with Brenda going home. My reasoning is, I want Cochran to win.

If Brenda went to the end, she would win. Same with Eddie. I don't want crybaby to win. I really don't want facelift to win. She doesn't deserve it at all. She was kept around solely for her vote. If Cochran doesn't win, then my next pick is Erik.

Get rid of Eddie next time, if he wins immunity then it's Erik. Then Eddie, hopefully he doesn't win immunity again. Of course, the favs could say to each other let's make it a favorites finale and get rid of the last 2 fans. I don't think it would work for the fans to flip a favorite, I think they would think that Eddie would win hands down.

Dawn kind of gave up some info to Cochran when she said I followed you last time instead of playing my game and I went home. He has to see she's likely to flip on him. She has so many other times it wouldn't be a surprise.

Sunday is going to be great!

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FlamingO in AR

I was totally pissed off by the vote last night. What a bunch of ingrates. Yeah, yeah, it's a game, blah blah blah, but if that is how you treat a sweet little thing like Brenda after she sacrifices HER family time and chance for food, then how would you treat someone you didn't owe a favor to? Speaks volumes about a couple of people.

I think Eddie voted for Eric, right? He was smart. And kind. Maybe he wasn't privy to info, but that'll help him. I am now rooting for him.

And Dawn, the blubbering walking/talking emotional train wreck, who owed Brenda for still being in the game with TEETH, to vote like that without a single tear, makes me sick. I wouldn't go out of my way to help her with anything ever again.

I hope they are all ashamed of themselves for that vote. It was mean and hateful and the timing of it just sucked. I feel very sorry for Brenda, she'd played a great game. The minute she gave away her reward for the others, I knew it was the kiss of death. No good turn ever goes unrewarded. And that SUCKS. People ought to stop trying to win that reward, because no matter what you do, it bites you in the butt.

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I completely agree with the pink bird! I want Eddie to win because he has truly been a survivor, against great odds. Sending Brenda home was really low. Cochran no longer deserves to win, after last night's vote. So, if Eddie goes home, I hope Eric wins.

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But their reasoning was sound. They knew they couldn't beat Brenda at final tribal. I would have done the same thing. Can't really blame them for trying to stay in the game. How many times over the years have people said I am NOT like this in my real life, but this is a game, and this is what I have to do to stay in it/win it.

This is exactly why I have a problem with them keeping the worthless, undeserving people around just for their vote. They tend to make it to the end, even though completely undeserving. How many times has Dawn flipped on someone, and yet they continue to keep her, for her vote. What has facelift done, ever, in this game to truly deserve to be in the final 5, but there she is.

I would rather see 3 great players in the end to make it really tough to choose one because they all deserve it. Since that's not going to happen this year, I would take crybaby and facelift to the end, that, in my opinion, is the best option you would have to win.

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Cohcran~Erik~Eddie~~~~get rid of the ladies! I want them to win in that order. I felt bad for Brenda, you could see her true spirit in that moment, she did not even blink an eye and let the other have their 'love' time. Her father I believe was so proud of her, she was raised with love and kindness. YUP it is a game but they could have maybe pretended to be humble until the next time.

I have not liked Dawn at all, she needs to go!! Sheri thinks she owns the game~~BLAH!

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Here's the recap. I'll look for the Ponderosa film clip later today

Here is a link that might be useful: recap 5/8

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I really felt bad for Brenda but "it's a game"....I agree, send the girls home, both at one time, if possible......I've liked Crochran all along but will be happy to see any of the remaining men as the big winner......

I laughed when Crochran was talking about his Dad flipping those burgers......

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I want ALL of the women gone ....Dawn first. I think Brenda could have won the immunity yesterday if she had not trusted Dawn so much. She'll win the viewers award of $100,000 for sure. I'll vote for her. What a sweetheart and what a wonderful father. Facelift has NO reason to be there,. She doesn't play well. I was Cochran's
biggest fan, now I want Eddie or Eric. I was really pissed last night. So Brenda should have been selfish and took the dinner with her dad...and she picked DAWN, the crybaby and that's her payoff? She should realize only evil selfish people win.

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I think it was a really smart vote, although I felt really, really bad for Brenda. But she was too dangerous to take to the end. Not only is she physically and mentally strong, but she is nice and didn't screw anyone over. Those people are not out there for 39 days to get a suntan, they are there to win a million bucks. I also knew her fate was sealed when she gave the reward away. These people are playing cut-throat survivor, and it's fun to watch.

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Here's the video of Brenda arriving at Ponderosa. You can also google Survivor Caramoan Ponderosa and get more videos. There's a day-after interview with Brenda.

Note what Phillip and some of the others say about a person still in the game. Think that person would get any votes in the final?

Here is a link that might be useful: Brenda arrives at Ponderosa

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I get too invested in the personalities. Facelift has contributed nothing but remains. Dawn has sobbed thru out the days. But Brenda helped Dawn find her teeth, invited her and her husband to the picnic, more or less gave her the immunity and she stabs her in the back. I want Dawn gone next.

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Aaarrggghhh, I couldn't agree more with what Flamey said! I can see that is was a good move, but at least give her an extra week for feeding you and letting you see your family.

I could almost have forgiven them if they had split the votes so that Dawn wouldn't have voted against Brenda! Dawn could have been a little less hateful when the tables were turned and she didn't get to go eat and be with her DH. Brenda didn't pick her for that to happen to her. My first thought, was Brenda found those stupid teeth for Dawn.

Of course, I still think they could have kept Malcolm another week just because he got rid of Philip for the team,lol!!

Now that Brenda's no longer in the game, I'm for Eddie then Erik.

Anyone know what the medical emergency might be?

Is the finale already taped or is it live? From watching the Ponderosa, looks like it's taped. I sure thought it was always live. Anybody know?

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The finale episode is taped right up until after the votes are cast. Then, as always, it switches to a live show (East Coast) to read the votes that were cast many months ago and far far away.

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If anyone ever reads the recap that sushipup always links to, the guy is a great writer. Very entertaining. He explained it perfectly. You can't let emotions in or you will lose. Brenda cut her own throat when she won the family love reward challenge. It's a two sided sword. If you win and keep it, everyone hates you for getting the reward. If you win and give it to everyone else, you are a target because you're so nice. I would be willing to bet that if Brenda had kept the reward for herself and Dawn, she would not have gone home that night. It would have been Eddie.

It's a fine line. Brenda was very sweet and nice this time around, and that's what did her in. I don't want crybaby or facelift to win. But I really don't want Eddie to win either. He has been cocky and so full of himself, judgmental about the "geeks" and not so beautiful people, ugh, I don't want him to win.

Cochran is my absolute first vote. Erik second.

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I know it is a game, but I thought that was very dirty playing when they voted Brenda off. They could have given her one more week since she did give up her reward for them. I guess what I resented the most was the smug, smirking look on Dawn, Cochran and Face Lift woman.
They could have at least pretended to be a little sorry for their actions.

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thanks sushipup, I always forget from season to season how it works! I could have sworn the last show was live but watching the videos online sure had me doubting myself.

I like Eddie just because he's played most of the season alone. You will be able to hear me scream wherever you are if Dawn or Sherry win!

I don't like Cochran but he is funny!! I think he'll probably win unless the medical emergency has something to do with him and takes him out of the game.

Can't believe all my shows are coming to an end!! Do any of y'all watch the Bachelorette or Big Brother? Let me know so I can keep up with it with y'all. I guess you can tell I don't have a life,lol!!

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