RECIPE: Easter Favorites

columbusgardenerMarch 20, 2007

When my Mom passed away we just stopped getting together for holiday dinners. I would love to do Easter dinner this year - but I have no clue what I should prepare ( aside from a ham ) tell me what is your favorite for this time of year?


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My favorite Easter dinner is roast leg of lamb ( I roast it medium rare, put slivers of garlic into the meat and rub it with olive oil and lemon juice) usually parsley new potatoes, asparagus a fruit salad or spring greens with strawberries and a light vinaigrette, "bunny buns"....don't ask I started that years ago and am stuck with it...I make whole wheat dinner rolls shaped like bunnies....very labor intensive for a crowd! And something light for dessert....angel food cake with strawberries fills the bill.
Linda C

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Why not an Easter like Mom made with some of the favorites of the past & some new dishes added?

Outside of holidays, were we do get together but not always all together. I come from a large family, and since my Mom pasted, several times a year we do a "Family Day" where we all get together at one of our houses for one of Mom's specials. She was a terrific cook w/many recipes from the old country. It's always a lot of fun, my sister & I and with the help from everyone, we put it together for about the 20 of us.

Lucy L.

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We have the same Easter meal every year...maybe a tweak here and there but not much or there would be a revolution. It's the same meal my Mom prepared

Baked ham (bone in)
mashed potatoes
scalloped potatoes
baked beans
baked squash
sweet potatoes
broccoli and or cauliflower with cheese sauce on the side
cole slaw

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Debbie, after my dad died everything changed too but we made ourselves keep up the dinners. When he was alive I always did an Easter Brunch with ham (sometimes it was grilled ham steaks with a glaze and sometimes it was baked) and different French toast dishes and eggs of some sort (English Crown Scrambles with smoked salmon). We also always had colored deviled eggs and scalloped pineapple and there were cakes, scones, muffins and always a fruit tray.


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This is a timely post:)
I wish you all a Happy Easter.

My whole life changed when my parents passed away.
I had to start over.

I am so looking forward to Easter:)!Life has a way of comforting you..You just have to be patient.I promise:)

I will make a spiral ham..Like Sharon..
A Quiche..
Some smoked salmon nachos..w/ bagel crisps
Cole Slaw..the Alaskan one this yr
A potato salad..
A green salad I guess too:)

The pesto cheese egg nests.. the deviled eggs and the hen pie.
My friend in Ca had a 3D lamb butter last yr..You cannot find those here.It was so cute!

I can't wait!
I hope the weather is nice for a hunt.

Linda..I think Lucas would love Bunny Buns.. Show us plse?:)

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Debbie, I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters we alternate holidays and Easter's mine...
Baked Ham
Hot German Potato Salad
Cold Potato Salad
baked beans
kolbasi and kraut
Houska (Babka)(from my Slovak Gram)
Polish sweet bread
never met a carbohydrate I didn't like!!! Debby

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Thank you everyone - the problem with cooking our old favorties is there weren't any - growing up there were 10 of us and there is no one item we all loved - and she did vary the menu with what she found in the garden or grocery. It was never really about the food, just all of us together.

I am just looking for help with a menu ( and maybe something special that my kids will look forward to year after year) -

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It is so true that we have to reinvent the future when we lose our parents. We always had holiday dinners at Mom & Dad's, and as they got older, my sister and I would take care of the cooking. I have Christmas and Thanksgiving at my home now for the whole family, and try to make it as special as Mom did. My brother and sister have other Easter plans with their families, so I'm doing an Easter brunch instead with my children and their families. The brunch menu is: Overnight egg/sausage casserole, fresh fruit salad, cream scones, bacon-stuffed hard boiled eggs, Mimosas, and spiral sliced ham. Dessert will include a bunny-shaped chocolate cake with ganache glaze, tiny lemon curd tarts, and a strawberry triffle.

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