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JoAnn_FlaMarch 28, 2011

My brother is looking for a good recipe, have you made these before?

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What kind is he looking for? Can you describe them?

The word "taralli" (plural of "tarallo") is used for a huge variety of different baked items, some sweet, some savory. Taralli can be a type of cookie, or more like pretzels or even bagels, made with yeast and boiled briefly before being baked. They can be made with sugar or honey (if sweet) or with olive oil or lard, black or red pepper (if savory). Some recipes include wine or grappa, some use eggs or egg whites, many are flavored with anise or fennel seeds, and so on. The shapes vary too -- most are ring-shaped, but some are pretzel-shaped and some are straight like breadsticks.

If you're trying to duplicate a family recipe, it would be helpful to know where your family came from. Taralli are a southern Italian specialty (esp. Puglia, Calabria, and Campania).

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