LOOKING for: using smoked dried Canadian herring

Janet_in_CTMarch 18, 2007

When I visited Amsterdam a few years ago my favorite food was purchased from street vendors: crusty bread filled with a slab of brown soft herring. The taste reminded me of caviar. How can I find this or make this in the USA? Today I found a package of dried smoked Canadian herring in an ethnic food store. Will soaking this in water yield the herring product I enjoyed in Amsterdam?

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Was what you had soused herring? (I think it's "Matjes" herring.)

My understanding is that soused herring is a much milder brine, and there's something a little different about the herring. It's fattier than ususual, or has the roe left in it, or somthing like that. That makes it milder than the usual pickled herring.

Are the smoked dried herring what they call blind robins? I love those. Like smoked fish jerky.....

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