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mcpegJune 1, 2012

Hi Everyone,

Kindly note it's not your eyes or computer but my not perfectly still hands taking the photos.

I've finished these finally. I did finish sewing all the butterfly antenna this afternoon after the photo was taken. The colours are off in the photo - more of dark pink wide strip around the quilt and the final small border is a dark sage green that matches the little green leaves on the butterfly fabric I used.

The second quilt I call Bird On A Wire of course.

I really want to add side borders to the bird quilt - it's too skinny for my taste.

That's been my fun as well as making screen door bead bugs (spiders and dragonflies right now) and a dollhouse purse.

Now I'm catching up on the posts - been busy ripping weeds out of my garden and doing stuff for the Farmer's Market (they allowed some craft vendors this year so I joined to support it).



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Cute! I wished I embroidered well enough to do antennae and such. I'm kind of hopeless that way.

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That Birds on a Wire fabric is adorable!

Please post pictures of your screen door bead bugs! For years I've threatened to use all my beads to bling up the patio screens; maybe all I need to do is add a few bugs!!!


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Very cute butterfly quilt. I love the backing fabric too.

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Very sweet, Peggy. They look so puffy and warm. Lucky babies. Lois

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Love the butterflies, Peggy.

I'm interested in your screen door bead bugs, too. Birds keep hitting it thinking they can fly right in the house. @:)


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Some folk here do Etsy. My designs are my own that I will be selling on Etsy and they have not been released yet. Here is another one that is presently on the market in Canada. It is different from my designs but gives you a general idea.


Here is a link that might be useful: screen door saver

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